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relative motion laws of A. Ampère unified the forces.
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Unification of the gauges is now a fact.

Einstein's unification of the fields was not

possible before these gauges were unified.



Our natural laws have turned out to be subset rules that work only in our particular gauge. Ampere's Laws are the only laws that work in our gauge and in both the QED gauge and the QCD gauge as well.

Evidently Dr. Milo Wolff is correct and this is indeed a Spinning, Scalar, Standing Wave Resonance universe. Not only is the electron and the quark an SSSWR but stars, galaxies and super clusters are as well. All of these precisely obey Ampere's Laws in each of their own respective gauges.

1. In this new hypothesis, Einstein's Cosmological Constant and Mach's Principle both play leading roles. But Einstein's imaginary photon is no longer needed, nor are any of the other energy carrying particles. The imaginary aether is no longer needed either. The reason for this is the phase construction of space (See 5). Both space and time are constantly being produced, respectively, by spin and scalar frequencies.

2. In this new concept there is absolutely no disparity between quantum and field theories: quantum and field theory can co-exist provided that all quanta of the same type remain in their respective gauges and fields are used only to describe multiple quanta in one particular gauge.

3. Also with this concept we find the reason for c2 in our math. And we solve the paradox of c2 because, mathematically, a speed cannot be squared but a frequency most certainly can and we find c is really a frequency in this SSSWR frequency universe. And c2 is another frequency (a harmonic).

4. Most importantly we find the exact speed of gravity. It's not as slow as the speed of light and it's not instantly as Newton believed but it's closer to what Newton believed than what Einstein believed. Now we know the cause of gravity.

5. We end up with the equivalent of curved space equaling force, also in the microcosm, as the tensor math of general relativity shows us happens in the macrocosm. Not only that but now we know exactly what both space and force are, frequency wise, in both micro and macro worlds: Space is the average out of phase condition while any attractive force - whether gravity or magnetism - is where things are more in phase than this average and any repulsive force is where things are more out of phase than this average. And these are the phase or relative motion laws given to us by Ampere centuries ago. You really need to know a bit more than that but that's it in a nutshell.

6. A unification of the gauges now essentially means all the fundamental forces have now also been unified. In this hypothesis:

* All the fundamental forces have a common origin.

* All the fundamental forces have identical properties. (This - believe it or not - also pertains to the strong force but you must read the ABSTRACT [link below] to see why.)


7. We now know the reason for the "Principle of Equivalence" or why gravity equals acceleration.

8. And of even more importance, we now know precisely why E = m c2.

9. We now know the frequency reason that two electrons bond using sigma and pi bonding. And we find far more about these two bonds than has ever been known.

10. Time can not be entirely separated from space because the main scalar frequency cannot be separated from the spin frequency; both are needed. This is why it's really spacetime. And because we have entirely different gauges, this is showing us we also have various entirely different spacetime realms. Why no one saw this before, is beyond me.

Lastly an important prediction: If this new hypothesis is true then any two binary stars of the same mass must have inverted spins. We may even be able to presently verify this.

While Einstein's unified field theory couldn't occur first, the unification of the various gauges has now already taken place and a brand new - never before seen - universe now emerges.

This is it.

This is it.

This is it.

September 23rd 2012

Thank you ,

Daniel P. Fitzpatrick Jr.

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"ABSTRACT of scalar, standing wave concept"

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