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FIELD THEORIES HID from us, the fact that relative motion (phase) between all these spinning entities, in the micro & macro universe, gives us all the attractive and repulsive Fundamental Forces.
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Fitzpatrick's 1966 book showed the relative motion laws of A. Ampère unified the forces.
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Why light from a distant star,
light years away, comes to us


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The idea that light is streaming off of all these stars and that we might happen to pick it up years later isn't quite correct because we know energy can neither be created nor destroyed.

Therefore, photons, of light energy, are only OK, if they transfer energy instantly which, from our point of view, is electron to electron energy transfer at the speed of light (c) or 3 x 108 meters per second, or quark to quark energy transfer at some higher harmonic of the electron's spin frequency.

So let's say they all happen instantly, which they actually do in their own reference frames even though we see it as not quite instantly in our reference frame.

We see c, the velocity of the speed of light, as a constant in our reference frame but in the electron's space-time reference frame all light energy transfers are instantaneous.

Noted astronomer Tom Van Flandern saw that a velocity in the neighborhood of c2 was close enough to Newton's instantaneous gravitational attraction to be accepted by most astronomers as another important constant, the velocity of gravitational attraction.

Now you know exactly why and how these two constants were derived.

They were derived from two values of instantaneous happenings in the electron and quark space-time realms respectively.

As Einstein showed us, instantly in one reference frame is not always instantly in another reference frame: Yet it will be a constant in that other reference frame.

Seeing things this way we can remain comfortable with the statement, energy can neither be created nor destroyed.

Knowing this prevents us from saying fictitious photons, for years, have been streaming out in space from all these stars and maybe they get picked up and turned into light energy and maybe they don't.

Energy must be instantly exchanged. It can't just be thrown away in space like a particle of mass can.

We know tiny particles of mass are being ejected by all these stars but that can't be done with photons that have no mass.

Phase symmetry provides us with an alternative answer as to what must be happening.

First we need to heed Einstein's 1954 warning , " . . . physics cannot be based on the field concept. . ."

Replace the field concept with phase symmetry and finally understand how this universe really works.

In phase symmetry this is a frequency universe all throughout with quarks, electrons, stars, galaxies, galactic clusters, super clusters, etc. all having different spin frequencies: But all these spin frequencies have the same phase relationships.

Phase symmetry merges the frequency-particle aspect by saying that you see as solids the frequencies you are specifically tuned to and you see lower frequencies (galaxies) as a larger, variegated solid. You sense higher frequencies, than you are tuned to, (quarks and electrons) as so tiny they can't even be seen.

Phase symmetry does what Einstein said to do: It completely discards fields with their north and south poles, plus and minus charges, gravity and everything else connected with fields. It uses only phase to explain everything: And it does a superb job of it too, I might say.

Phase symmetry is really simple. Here it is:

ALL attractive forces are caused by in phase, impedance matched, resonant spin frequency, binding pairs. There can actually be NO SPACE or TIME between some of these bindings depending on the observer's point of view.

ALL repulsive forces, plus space-time, are produced by "out of phase" spin frequencies which make you think you see all this vast space between everything in both microcosm and macrocosm, when what really surrounds you is space-time.

Let's look at these binding energy attractions in phase symmetry:

- Importance of impedance matched, resonant bonding pairs -

Attraction comes only with in phase, impedance matched, resonant bonds. This means, "the in phase mass of, the closest sides of, the binding pair have to match."

Phase symmetry eliminates fields and all the force carrying particles of those fields. Here's the way phase, in phase symmetry, works.

If an electron on a distant star is spinning clockwise in the same exact plane as a counter-clockwise electron in your eye then a tiny portion of their closest sides are - like opposite spinning gears meshing - in phase and the mass of that tiny portion in phase is the quantum of light energy that comes into your eye: But both of those tiny portions must have the exact same mass or there will be no bonding or energy being transferred.

That quantum of light energy came, that long distance, to your eye with no energy loss whatsoever:

The reason for the above is that these bonds have the same strength regardless of the distance! It's only the number of bonding pairs that decrease inversely proportional to the distance squared.

Our faulty belief in fields had us believing that energy, in general, was falling off as inverse distance squared but this isn't so: It's these pairs that are falling off inversely proportional to the square of the distance.

Wilhelm Olbers saw that all these stars were adding up around us at the rate of the volume of a sphere or 4/3 πR3 but this is a seemingly fast rate considering light intensity is diminished via the inverse distance squared.

Therefore we get the following and this is known as Olbers' Paradox.

Olbers asked, "Why are we not blinded by all of this light?"

If all these stars were ejecting photons of light then we would definitely be so blinded exactly as Olbers questioned. In my last paper I told you how Einstein's teacher Minkowski solved this problem by restricting these linkages to his space-time light cone. I told you in that paper that in this paper I would explain what that light cone was: It's that earlier mentioned exact same mass:

For your eye to bond with an electron on a distant star, their in phase portions cannot match unless their external "out of phase" space-time realms match exactly as well.

Think what this means: You are restricted to seeing that star within a microsecond of a specific time!

Because mainly of this and also that our eyes have a limited number of light absorbing cells in them, these number of bonding pairs is severely limited like phase symmetry is telling us and we see a dark sky at night.

This is one major discovery given to us by phase symmetry but the next major discovery is a real whopper indeed.

In our reference frame, it takes about 8 minutes for light to come to us from the sun and it takes years for light to come to your eye from a distant star.

In my last paper I showed you how Hermann Minkowski theorized that light from a distant star came to your eye instantly.

Here's the way phase symmetry gets a quantum of light from that distant star to your eye instantly.

And it's a whopper indeed because no force carrying particle, such as a photon, is needed.

Since it is only these "out of phase" spin frequencies of the electron building all this space-time between the electron in your eye and the electron on the star, then there is NO SPACE-TIME between those tiny in phase portions of both of those electrons.

Thus you obtain the light instantly because there is NO SPACE-TIME between those tiny in phase portions of those two electrons.

But since there still is all that "out of phase" space-time between you and the star then you will see the star as it was years ago, with all that space and time still between you and it.

I hate to call it a "wormhole" through space-time but the only reason that light quanta is coming to your eye instantly is because, in phase symmetry, there is no space-time between those tiny portions in phase of the two binding pair electrons.

Thus phase symmetry answers the age old aether problem. It also shows us Einstein's non-uniform space far better than even Einstein saw it. And it shows us Minkowski's space-time even better than Minkowski saw it.

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