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Sigma and Pi chemical bonding forces are similar to Magnetism

Both are electron to electron polar or equatorial binding forces.

Why is the Magnetic polar bond in magnetism the stronger bond, while the similar Pi polar bond in chemical bonding the weaker bond?

It's because Nobel prize winner Niels Bohr was right: Electrons, like planets, do orbit, however, the electrons causing magnetism all hold their same spin orientation while they orbit; the eletrons causing Sigma and Pi chemical bonding do not.

Bohr was absolutely right: Electrons do orbit. The polar Pi chemical bond is only a fleeting bond--as both electron spin axes briefly line up each orbit--while the equatorial Sigma bond is a constant bond making it the stonger chemical bond. In contrast, the polar bond in magnetism is the stronger bond because in these, the magnetic electrons have their spin axes constantly lined up as they orbit.

But this is a frequency universe and this electron orbiting is only in the electron's space time-realm and it is not in your space-time realm.


Yes, this is a Schrödinger frequency universe
And in it we have Fitzpatrick's RPR
elative Phase Relationships


Also you now can unify all the forces and see what space and time are by using Fitzpatrick's RPR - - - Relative Phase Relationships.

It's all phase relationships!

The surrounding stars are involved (Mach's principle) so this makes it RELATIVE Phase Relationships.

It's R P R

Billions of dollars are spent every year on gyros that hold to the surrounding stars yet the movement away from Mach's principle gets stronger and stronger every year. This I don't understand at all!

It's nothing but RPR

RPR is so simple and so important yet everyone went to sleep at the switch with this.

In every case the forces from the stars are equal or close to equal, in strength, to the known forces yet the universities have entirely missed this. To me this is simply incredible!

I've shown, in numerous papers, not only how the 4 fundamental forces are unified by RPR but I've shown how space and time are also being produced via RPR.  


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