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Issued: July 10th 2018.

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This is one you have to think about to really understand. Wrote it many years ago. - - Dan Fitz.


Planck's constant is h.

This is the amount of angular momentum associated with the electron's orbital drops.

These are discrete amounts of energy.

These are associated with certain spectral lines.

Easy to understand.




You do NOT need any aether, for the electromagnetic wave spectrum, if there is no space-time per se.

Space and time are things you THINK exist because of your particular scalar wave oscillator frequency.

You are RESONATING with the surroundings at this scalar wave frequency.

Like keys on a piano, these standing waves build into spherical, egg shaped or wheel like standing wave particles or particle accumulations at certain frequency places on this keyboard of the universe.

Nature has designed lenses in your eyes equal to the best available today and nature has placed in you a short wave receiver with an oscillator similar to the best radio receiver circuitry.

This scalar wave oscillator frequency - together with the oscillator frequency of your surroundings - is what gives you your perception of space and time.

Once you see this then not only does general relativity become clear but unification of the four fundamental forces becomes crystal clear as well.

While present science, with its single space-time, is good for local measurements; it actually PREVENTS you from perceiving the universe as it really is.

You need Ampere's laws to see that: