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FIELD THEORIES HID from us, the fact that relative motion (phase) between all these spinning entities, in the micro & macro universe, gives us all the attractive and repulsive Fundamental Forces.
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Fitzpatrick's 1966 book showed the relative motion laws of A. Ampère unified the forces.
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Zeus. You have a picture of the Universe and of space itself, and of mass - atoms and molecules that is far more complicated than reality.

FACTS: It is very simple. All of space is traveling quantum waves. All waves travel at the same speed c. All have the same frequency f = E/h. There is no other speed or frequency. This fundamental property (Principle I) of space is a property of the Universe that determines nearly everything.

Like any wave medium, say air, the velocity c and frequency f of waves depends of the density of the medium. But the density of space is nearly constant everywhere so c and f are nearly constant everywhere.

In certain places, like the surface of a Sun, space density is a tiny, tiny, tiny bit larger so c is a tiny, tiny, tiny bit larger but only the most precise measurement can detect this. Such a measurement was used to prove Einstein's General Relativity (GTR). GTR is no different than the WSM but the authors chose to use very complicated math so everyone thinks it also is complicated - No - it is very simple.

I suspect that you have a model of the Universe like an aircraft radio - full of vacuum tubes and circuits - each with different frequencies. Scrap it.

You ask, How can there be all the different atoms and molecules? It is because of the many different possible 3D combinations of the simple space resonances - the different geometric ways than they can join together. That geometry forms the ATOMIC TABLE.

On Dec 21, 2006, at 5:14 AM, Zeus wrote:

Is this right?
The electron's spin is also a scalar wave just like the electron itself.

Almost. Yes- all waves are scalar. Spin is the mechanism of the in-waves that enables them to return outward - becoming the out-waves. The combined iN-OUT waves are really one standing wave like a piano string. It is termed a 'space resonance'.

This means the TOTAL energy in and out to and from the rest of the universe, up to the Hubble limit is scalar (in all directions).

Yes. Space (the wave medium) supports only scalar waves. The amplitude of the wave motion has dimensions of energy density.

All waves in space are scalar. There is no other kind. We can make a rope of zillions of space resonances joined together and call it 'rope wave' but the basic wave is scalar. Everything is made of scalar waves. All electron waves have E = hf = mc2.

But this does NOT mean that the spin component of the electron is going to appear scalar to only one individual other electron which might be locked on an f orbital in iron and act like a tiny magnet to it.
All space resonance (electrons)are scalar. They join together with each other as scalar waves. What we call 'magnetism' is the appearance of the resonances as they move to minimize the total wave amplitudes - like water on a pond.
So while spin may be scalar to the ENTIRE surroundings it is not necessarily scalar to certain individual components of the surroundings.

Waves in space are always scalar waves. There is no other kind of wave. No other frequency. Boringly alike!

Is the scalar spin frequency a lower frequency harmonic of the electron's scalar frequency?

No other frequency. Boringly alike!

Is there any way you can tell this?

Yes. Because the concept and calculations of the WSM yield perfectly ALL of the Natural laws. NO exceptions. EVERYTHING IS EXPLAINED.

There is only one question left to answer by science: "What is space?"We know the two properties of space but what is it? How did 'God' or Nature create it? The whole Universe full!

Am feeling old, Milo, I'm 74 today but you have me beat by a few years. Let's both of us hang in there as long as we can.

Yes. 83. It is tough fighting to stay alive. I just got back from the hospital to check up on a lucky successful cure of iron-anemia and crystal deposits in joints. But there is always another one. Hospital visit every month because my guts are half removed after pancreatic cancer - now gone 6 years ago.

How is your body? Eat healthy? Walk a mile every day? Heart OK? We can beat it but we have got to work it. 100 years OK?

My brother told me this retired judge told him he is still having sex at 90. But I do believe that retired judge is a liar, Milo.

Once a week would be nice but she would have to do all the work! If there were a 'she'. I read that lots of sex correlates well with long life. Try an experiment Zeus!


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