1966 book showed the
relative motion laws of A. Ampère unified the forces.
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What makes the onion layered type spherical nature of A. Garrett Lisi's model so important?


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The onion layered type spherical aspect of A. Garrett Lisi's model is extremely important!

The reason for this is because it is also the model of a Spherical, Scalar, Standing Wave, Resonance.

It is also -- something we would see as -- an SSSWR.

Once all this is recognized, and you listen to what Tom Van Flandern Van Flandern and Saul Perlmutter Saul Perlmutter are saying, then there is absolutely no doubt that A.G. Lisi has been the very first person to mathematically unify the invisible forces.

He has indeed given us the first mathematical answer to the Theory of Everything.

And it most certainly is a Scalar, Resonance (SR) answer.

The manner in which this works is a simple phase relationship because as Gabriel LaFrenière has pointed out, each of the layers in this spherical onion type SSSWR is at a distinctly different phase from the layer inside it or outside it.

What Milo Wolf has discovered about this same spherical onion type SSSWR, is that these layers seem to be moving from the center toward the outside: from in to out. But from the surroundings come reinforcements to the same spherical onion type SSSWR from far out in the surroundings to each of these separate spherical onion type SSSWRs (Mach's principle).

What I have shown is that you can approximate the changes in both space and time between all these SSSWRs by using Ampere's Laws .

And Ampere laws show us it is the phase of the outer layer of each of these SSSWRs that is of utmost importance.

And it is the
phase change of these outer layers, as they change in respect to us, that we perceive as spin.

Gabriel gives us a representation of the in to out waves. Added to this is a spin resonance which Milo Wolff has mathematically proven is also a Scalar Resonance. But you must understand that we are now only finally scratching the surface as to what is really going on to produce a Spinning, Scalar Resonance.

And as Gabriel LaFrenière, so aptly states and clearly shows, because of the outward movement, some of us may prefer to see them not exactly as standing waves but pseudo standing waves or simply Spinning, Scalar Resonances or SSRs.

See: Milo Wolff's webSite glafreniere.Home Page and last but not least, even though you may not entirely agree with Gabriel, you simply cannot dismiss this evidence he has shown in:

The implications of all of this is profound: What this implies is that space and time are not simply here but they are both phase differences that are constantly being produced.

This also implies a universe in which anti-particles such as the positron exist in abundance far from us: They must exist far, far beyond the Hubble limit, where they cannot affect us here at all. This also implies a fairly stable universe in which the number of particles, most probably, equal the number of anti-particles.

While this gives answers to 100% of all the unanswered questions, it is too big a step away from existing thinking to be believed by many today.

When the truth seems too fantastic to be believed then it won't be believed.

That is, it won't be believed 'til a long, long time.

April 2008

Daniel P. Fitzpatrick Jr.

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