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More Wave and Scalar Wave questions answered by

Daniel P. Fitzpatrick Jr.

(Reprinted with permission)

In the previous letter Dr. Milo Wolff told us there were two solutions for scalar waves in free space. If this is so then why aren't there as many positrons as electrons?

The surroundings are more in phase with electrons than positrons. Positrons can exist as a scalar wave but they won't last long because of so many surrounding electrons That are out of phase with them. One of those electrons will eventually meet up with the positron and destroy it.

Shouldn't both phases have an equal chance? Why so many electrons?

The quark background frequency undoubtedly does not allow the phase of the positron, to be created, during a beta decay. The phase of the quark background frequency must mandate the creation of an electron rather than a positron during such a beta decay.

Present science sees light, radio and heat waves as being transverse waves similar to transverse water waves. Is this true?

Nothing could be further from the truth than that. Water waves are indeed transverse waves because the wave oscillates up and down at right angles to the direction the wave front is moving. Sound waves are not transverse but longitudinal waves where the wave oscillates in the same direction that the wave front travels.

You must understand that these are NOT waves like water waves.

Well, what are they then?

Both you and the space around you is constantly being manufactured by the spin frequency of the electron.

A scalar wave entity must be thought of as a spherical object having a spin frequency.

The smallest unit in magnetism is the spinning electron. You will get a spin binding attraction whenever the spins, of two scalar wave entities, are in the same equatorial plane or parallel axial spin planes (same spin axis) with the closest sides, between this pair, going in the same direction (like gears meshing and not clashing).

You will get a spin binding REPULSION whenever the spins, of two scalar wave entities, are in the same equatorial plane or parallel axial spin planes (same spin axis) with the closest sides, between this pair, going in OPPOSITE directions (like gears clashing).

This REPULSION in the above paragraph is really space being created.

This is exactly the same way the tensor math of general relativity shows it as well. There is no force in the tensor math of general relativity. Instead of force there is simply MORE space.

You will indeed have an average amount of space this way but it will not be uniform. Hence, where it is not uniform you have these forces.

That still doesn't show me why these light, heat and radio waves are not like transverse water waves what are they then?

It does really because when two electrons bind equatorially in a sigma bond they can and do oscillate in the light frequency range to give us light.

Thus no aether is needed to transfer this light because the electron pair are actually manufacturing an undulating space between themselves while transporting this quantum of light between themselves.

Daniel P. Fitzpatrick Jr.


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