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FIELD THEORIES HID from us, the fact that relative motion (phase) between all these spinning entities, in the micro & macro universe, gives us all the attractive and repulsive Fundamental Forces.
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God particle

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This is one internet page that will really make you think!

PRELUDE: Gödel's proof shows us, beyond any doubt whatsoever, that there are too many major conflicting science beliefs to consider the absolute certainty of present science, even with this new discovery by CERN of the God particle.

If Kurt Gödel was still alive he'd say this, "Why can't scientists working on this complicated universe talk to and agree with one another?      Everyone working on these complicated airliners agree and talk to one another to produce, fly and maintain these large airliners that are 30 times safer than driving."*

*From 1995 through 2003, and this includes the terrorist hijacking deaths of 9-11, there were 3 deaths per air travel and 97 per highway travel for every 10,000,000,000 (ten billion) passenger miles traveled. There were no airline deaths in America at all, the entire year of 2002. See Google: Cached  

This new enlightened kind of science - that we will discuss herein - is indeed a breakthrough, with far more pieces of the puzzle falling into place. Do some thinking! Especially look at CERN's God particle.


FIRST: We cannot disregard the in phase binding attractions known as chemical bonding and also the in phase attraction shown by the Aufbau Laws. Remember, quantum physicists know this is a frequency universe and with frequencies phase is of the utmost importance.  

Even though electrons are supposed to repel each other, they do attract each other via in phase, binding attractions: Electrons attract each other in sigma bonding and pi bonding. These electron pairs, that are attractively bonding in phase together, are the things holding everything together. Every chemist knows this.

For instance, a Cooper pair - are two opposite spin electrons, both in the same equatorial spin plane - that are bound together by their closest sides going in the same direction and having an ultra thin section of both closest sides in phase.

A similar in phase, ultra thin section, of the closest sides of - two opposite spin quarks - a spin up-spin down quark pair is called, by CERN, the God particle. This in phase attraction of both electrons and quarks was explained by Ampere in the 1820s - who didn't even know about electrons but - who knew something in his wires were moving, hence or a more detailed view Ampere's Laws.

We sense the electron to electron in phase binding happening at 3x108 meters per second - the speed of light - or c.

We sense the God particle or quark to similar quark in phase binding (a quark quantum of either gravitational or inertial force) as happening at 9x1016 meters per second or c2. Astronomical Schools of Yale, Harvard, etc. all know and say gravity acts instantly as required by Newton or at least 9x1016 meters per second or c2. See Van Flandern.

The reason for all this is because the down quark spin frequency is the square of the electron spin frequency - a resonance of much greater force than that caused by electron spin - and this would at first seem at odds with the strength of both gravity and inertia. But it's the number of quark pairs, so few able to bind, that give us this total force with a resultant field strength that not only fits like a glove to both gravity and inertial mass but it also serves to make quark spin conserved, exactly like we know electron spin is conserved.

Electrons in our eyes, binding in phase with electrons on distant stars - then shifting that binding continuously to our brain - is why we see star light with our eyes*.

Our quarks binding in phase with quarks in this earth give us gravitational attraction and our quarks binding in phase with quarks in the surrounding stars - Mach's principle - give us inertial mass.

*Eye electrons are being given chemical heat energy by the body and this extra motion allows them to orient spin planes with far away star electrons. Thus each eye electron is - going up an orbital - gaining a quantum of light energy by binding with a star electron. Then that eye electron binds with a closer electron in the brain - dropping an orbital - to give a quantum of light energy to the brain. This is done over and over again in a continuous process. Thus the eye acts as a pump, continuously pumping quanta of light energy into the brain from the eye receptor electrons.

Quarks can also rapidly change their binding from near to far as well.1 


SECOND: Quantum concepts do not mix with field concepts: Field rules and math are only used to simplify millions of quanta forces, nothing else!

Each quantum in phase binding attractive force remains the same strength and does not diminish in strength even with long distances, however they have a long distance limit: Each electron in phase quantum binding force is limited in distance by the Hubble limit as shown to us by Dr. Milo Wolff.

The above paragraphs show you why each quantum of light energy comes from a distant star to your eye full strength. In fact, this is the cornerstone of quantum mechanics.

Quark to distant quark in phase binding with the surrounding stars - Mach's principle - is virtually proven by the fact that gyroscopes, pendulums and vibrating elements hold to the surrounding stars: They completely rotate their planes every 23 hours, 56 minutes and 4 seconds which is one sidereal day or the time it takes the earth to make one complete rotation in space (in regard to the stars).

But this is simply a 23 hour, 56 minute and 4 second - holding to the stars - paradox as far as present science is concerned.

Both electron and quark quantum binding attractive forces are always in pairs. Only the number of these binding pairs vary inversely proportional to the square of the distance. This is why the inverse square rule can be used in field math and rules as long as there are millions of quanta binding forces.

You will certainly need this new enlightened kind of science to fully understand this God particle, but - using this new science - you now end up knowing even a bit more about this God particle than those at CERN who finally actually produced it in a way it could be witnessed. Especially See: acceleratingexpandinguniverse.htm

You can get the reason for the God particle and the big picture of this new enlightened kind of science - being put together now - by reading various articles at &

You can delve into this new science big picture using those links above to understand exactly what time is and exactly what space is and exactly how these two distinct items are inexorably linked in this frequency universe. And they are linked because things, like stars, that are separated from you in space are also separated from you in time as well.

If you do that additional reading then you will understand the following much better:

An amazing thing that this new science reveals to us is that photons, gluons, etc. along with the God particle are all nothing but distant bindings of those ultra thin in phase sections involved. They do exchange a quantum of energy so they still might be seen as photons, gluons, God particles, etc. but - unlike the present science belief - they are not moving like particles to exchange this energy. They are not moving like particles for the mass - energy exchange either.

This is a surprise indeed!

But an even bigger surprise is that our new science gives us the reason for E = m c2.

You get inertial mass or m (mass) when quarks bind with far distant quarks in the surrounding stars.

That changes to E (energy) when the binding changes to closer binding.

1Both electrons and quarks must bind either near or far. This is why energy can neither be created nor destroyed but only transferred to inertial mass. And this is also why we have binding energy.

So E = m c2 is merely a binding change; that's all it is.

And that certainly is a very big surprise!

But the biggest surprise of all is exactly what space and time really are.

In fact, there is no way anyone can even form a logical opinion, about all of this, until they know exactly what space and time really are.

That's why this began with the Gödel's proof Prelude.


Ps. And back to where this paper started:

To those who were surprised that our airways were 30 times safer than our highways, I must tell you that before that 9-11 terrorist tragedy, America's airlines - for decades - ran close to being 50 times safer than traveling on the road.


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