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4 Decades of writings of Daniel P. Fitzpatrick Jr.

A short excerpt from:


The Strange Theory of Light and Matter


Richard P. Feynman

(Please note the emphasis Feynman puts on motion being the unifying element in all these separate fields)


". . . it was soon discovered, after Sir Isaac explained the laws of motion, that some of these apparently different things were aspects of the same thing. For example, the phenomena of sound could be completely understood in the motion of atoms in the air. So sound was no longer considered something in addition to motion. It was also discovered that heat phenomena was easily understandable from the laws of motion. In this way great globs of physics were synthesized into a simplified theory. The theory of gravitation, on the other hand, was not understandable from the laws of motion, and even today it stands isolated from the other theories. Gravitation is, so far, not understandable in terms of . . . "

. . . motion or relative motion that produces not only gravity but all the forces,

that I explained and published in this 1966 relative motion book below:

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ABSTRACT of the above book:

You do NOT need to visualize four separate fundamental forces when these are really only one force that can easily be viewed by using a frequency modification of Ampere's 1825 laws

This Britannica article tells you about Uhlenbeck and Goudsmit who were denied the Nobel Prize in 1925. when they discovered electron spin, because of ignorance of the quantum theorists.

Quantum theorists still adamantly insist that there is no motion in the quantum realm even though we find --- as Goudsmit and Uhlenbeck did, all the signs of angular momentum, that this motion produces.

Motion, space and time are all things that are restricted to one single spin/orbit frequency realm.


Because all detectors (us too) have an oscillator in them (us) detecting exactly like a superheterodyne detector does.

Only the evidence (of
motion) can be transferred out as Wheeler and Feynman showed us.

I am in agreement with the quantum theorists that no motion exists in the electron's realm but I also add the caveat that if you say it doesn't exist there then you must say it also does not exist anywhere in this universe.

And, believe it or not, there is no such thing as motion per se for this entire universe.

Motion (our concept of it) only exists in subset realms of this universe and is restricted to those subset realms. The constant c proves this.


Use Occam's razor and move your mind into each separate spin/orbit frequency realm at a time and view it having our concept of motion and using Ampere's Laws and then you can see it all as one force and not the 4 fundamental forces that present science views it as.


You can't do the math this way though, as Ampere himself found out even though he was one of the math experts of his time.

I'm afraid that math along with our concept of motion is restricted to one single spin/orbit frequency system at a time.





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