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January 11, 2007 Edition

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Daniel P. Fitzpatrick Jr. says:

It's a simple universe obeying simple rules.

Electrons are fermions but when paired spin up--spin down, act as bosons.

And what it all boils down to is that all forces and even space and time are essentially nothing but phase relationships.

(Reprinted with permission) Page 2 of 6 pages.

Totally free electrons repel each other.

Other "locked" electrons, however. can attract each other when their closest sides are in phase. . See: This universe is a quantum computer

Electrons are fermions.

Fermions stay farther apart from each other than bosons.

The reason for this is that all fermions have unidirectional spin with the resultant gyroscopic action imparted by this type spin.

It is this gyroscopic action along with Ampere's 1820 Laws that gives all fermionic entities such as quarks, electrons, stars and galaxies the ability to repel and remain a good distance from each other.

A pair of electrons that are spin up--spin down, with these spins in the same plane, are "locked" together via the attraction of their closest sides being in phase. . Their spins are opposite. . This cancels their gyroscopic action, allowing this pair of electrons to act as a boson.

Gyroscopic action itself is nothing more than a phase relationship with same frequency surroundings.

Not only is the electron a scalar standing wave resonance but so also are the much higher frequency quarks and the much lower frequency solar system and even lower frequency galaxies.

We are like a radio or TV set and we only pick up those frequencies that we are tuned to.

So I'm afraid that the space and time that you see is not the same space and time that these other faster and slower frequency entities are tuned to and possess.

The spacetime interval that you have here is different from the spacetime interval in the electron's realm. . And both of these are different from the spacetime interval in the quark's realm.

This is why your regular science math and science laws cannot be used in QED and neither your science nor QED math and rules can be used in QCD.

This is also why your concept of gravity fails in the macrocosm where the arms of spiral galaxies seem to be going faster than their escape velocity. . We all know this cannot be correct.

TIME is simply a phase difference between the principal scalar resonance frequencies of the scalar resonances.

SPACE is determined by the average phase difference between the closest sides of all spinning scalar resonances.

REPULSIVE force is derived from being more out of phase than this average.

ATTRACTIVE force is being more in phase than this average.

SPACE, therefore, is being manufactured by the spins of these fermionic unidirectional spin frequencies of these scalar resonances.

Once it is discovered that all binary stars of the same mass have opposite spins just like the electron pairs on a single orbital, then present science will have to drastically change and accept the fact that the relative motion laws that Ampere gave us are far superior to the field concept of Faraday.

The field concept is only good if the same frequency surroundings are homogeneous and isotropic.

This is NOT the case in the microcosm. . Therefore the present popular quantum field theory will have to be eventually replaced with a more accurate concept that considers same frequency surroundings and that takes each separate spin and orbit (orbital) frequency into consideration.

We will need quantum computers for this.

The electron is a scalar resonace as proven by Dr. Milo Wolff.

The rules for eveything in this entire universe are nothing but simple phase rules of these scalar resonances.

This universe is a simple universe obeying simple rules and Stephen Wolfram who predicted this in his "A New Kind of Science" comes out smelling like a rose.

Next read page 3. "We are tuned in to this universe like a radio or TV is tuned in to the transmitter.

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