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Electron Spin Precession Concept

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S. A. Goudsmit and G. E. Uhlenbeck showed us the electron had spin in 1925.

Then we saw the electron had precession.

But this presented a problem because the electro-magnetic microcosm forces should not cause precession.

So it was not considered true precession.

Here's a link showing you the frequency aspect of Electron Spin Precession.

Frequency explanation of Electron Spin Precession

It's not simple.

Once we understand the concepts of André Ampère, Albert Einstein, and Milo Wolff, then we comprehend microcosm and macrocosm well enough to finally see the fundamental forces are simple.


After we see everything spinning in both micro and macro worlds, and we look at PHASE and the SCALAR Concept of Dr. Milo Wolff — a NASA physicist who helped get us to the moon — we get closer to the simple answer of how this ENTIRE micro and macro universe works.

Let's start with Ampère's Law. It equates force directly with motion. It's SIMPLE. It gets to the bottom of things. Use it, by itself, to get a crystal clear, big picture of what is really going on. Forget COMPLEX field theory.

About fifty years ago Scientific American showed me Ampère's parallel wires attracted when Electrons moved the same way through both wires and those wires repelled when the flow was opposite in each wire.

Thus: I found Electrons moving, or spinning the same direction, on parallel paths (in-phase) attract.
And Electrons moving, or spinning on parallel paths in opposite directions (out-of-phase) repel.

SIMPLE & IMPORTANT Ampère's Law (above) totally hidden by field theory for 150 years, has been entirely overlooked by the establishment for nearly 200 years.

Quite a few years after I read the article about Ampère, I realized Ampère had not only given us a SIMPLE attraction and repulsion law for spinning electrons, but he had given us a SIMPLE relative motion (phase) law for all attractive and repulsive forces BETWEEN every spinning SCALAR entity in this entire universe. Thus: Ampère's Law gives us the TRUE fundamental forces!

For SCALAR entities we go now to Dr. Milo Wolff.

Milo — who I knew well — wrote a book called The Wave structure of Matter in which he showed us this seems to be a frequency world in the macrocosm too, but we fail to see it as such.

Milo said we do see these SCALAR spherical, standing wave entities in both microcosm and macrocosm that this universe seems to build — from small to large — such as quarks, electrons, planets, stars, galaxies whoops, I went too far.

But if we could live long enough, then maybe we would even see these galaxies precessing around far enough to resemble one of Milo's SCALAR spherical entities.

If you can visualize this, then you know why we see the higher frequency spins and precessions as spherical and lower frequency galaxies as sort of — frozen in time — not yet having enough time to precess completely around to make a complete sphere or SCALAR spherical entity, that behaves exactly as all others, whether in the microcosm or macrocosm.

Physicists, today, have totally missed the supreme importance of — the precessing cycle of time — needed to produce Milo's scalar resonance.

Yet this precessingto make one full precessing cycle, to appear more like a sphere — gives the resonance reason for Wolff's scalar resonance, or what we see as nature's preferred size, in both micro and macro spacetime realms, and this is certainly the reason the iron molecule is the preferred scalar molecular resonance after fission or fusion energy.

Could modern physics possibly be wrong?


1. SPIN is in both micro and macro worlds.

2. SPIN PRECESSION is in both worlds too.

3. Spinning SCALAR Entities are in both worlds.

4. Ampère's Law gives all the fundamental forces, at different spin frequencies, in micro and macro worlds.

4a. Spinning SCALAR entities in-phase, attract each other in both micro and macro worlds.

4b. Spinning SCALAR entities out-of-phase, repel each other in both microcosm and macrocosm.

5. Einstein knew his Cosmological Constant repulsive force type space was in both microcosm and macrocosm. He knew if the innermost electron, in a molecule, is enlarged to the size of a pin head, then it would be as far from the nucleus as the fortieth floor of a tall building is from the street below. This was why Einstein tried to unify microcosm forces, macro-forces, in fact all the forces, with his Unified Field Theory.

6. SCALAR entity forces are the only TRUE fundamental forces caused by the spin frequencies of all conceivable different types of SCALAR standing wave entities in both microcosm and macrocosm.
There are MORE of these TRUE
fundamental forces than the present 4, so called, fundamental forces.

When you say this then you have eliminated gravity and others as a fundamental force haven't you?

However, gravitational force (a highly complex force) is mainly caused by a single SCALAR entity. Which one?

I've answered that in other papers already. You should be able to figure it out yourself once you know all electron forces happen at the speed of light, and that NASA says the slowest possible speed gravity could be happening at, would be 20 billion times the speed of light (2x1010c) Van Flandern.

Now see exactly how the spinning SCALAR entities of BOTH electrons & stars behave using ONLY Ampère's Law — remembering both entities have precession.

Look at totally free, same size, spinning items first.

They must always end up repelling themselves. WHY? Because each time they are in-phase attracting, an equal 90 degree out-of-phase repelling precession force in both is moving both of them away from any in-phase attractive position between each other.

This only works for same size/mass, spinning entities that have EQUAL precession and are totally free.

This won't work for molecular electrons because they are not totally free and are harmonically bound to the down quark's spin frequency (atomic binding energy).

Our galaxy is being drawn to the Andromeda galaxy because of its larger size/mass.

The precession force always must be equal, for both to remain free of each other by constantly repelling each other via their 90 degree precession forces in each spinning SCALAR entity: electrons and same size/mass stars repel for this identical reason.

Use Ampère's relative motion Law, that works inside BOTH microcosm & macrocosm to greatly simplify things that today are only seen by the complicated frequency math seen in the "frequency" link (above).

I was fixing radios well before high school. By the time I was in high school, in 1946, I was putting together a relative motion concept that eventually showed me why electrons were behaving the way they were 100% of the time, where Benjamin Franklin's plus and minus charges and the Faraday-Maxwell magnetic lines of force only were explaining it about 80% of the time.

This is a competitive world, and my relative motion concept gave me a distinct advantage solving many technical problems years later as I used my 1st Class Radio license with RADAR endorsement #P1-7-13647.

I'll never forget one day in 1965 or very early in 1966: while working on a RADAR problem, and after solving the problem, I solved something else too, I saw that I was not being attracted to the Earth by something called gravity.

I was attracted to the Earth because I was traveling in-phase with the Earth, on the same relative motion path as the Earth, compared to the relative motion of the surrounding stars (because of Ampère's Law).

On that day in 1965 or early 1966, I discovered Ampère's Law worked in the macrocosm too, exactly like I knew it did in the microcosm.

I have never forgotten that day because this was the most important fact I have ever discovered in my entire life: a few months ago that same concept showed me it's Einstein's Cosmological Constant that gives us our spacetime.

And it's a simple relative motion out-of-phase, repulsive-force, space being produced that gives us Einstein's Cosmological Constant (spacetime).

What amazes me most of all is that even though I've been telling this to thousands of readers every month, in more than 50 countries, all over the world — for decades on my two websites and — I've had no competition even since 1946 — when I realized, and showed many that by using Alnico magnets — which could only be magnetized in one direction — that more electron spin relative motion in the same direction (in-phase), caused more magnetic attractive force in the microcosm.

Twenty years after that (1966) I saw and published the fact that it was relative motion causing all the forces in both microcosm and macrocosm. 1966.html

I am still solving major physics problems, using relative motion (phase) at 86 years of age.

Einstein suspected, modern physics was wrong! (It, unlike Ampère's Law, fails to show that both microcosm & macrocosm use the same spin frequency laws.)

Einstein wrote this, in blue, below in 1954.

"I consider it quite possible that physics cannot be based on the field concept, i.e., on continuous structures. In that case, nothing remains of my entire castle in the air, gravitation theory included, [and of] the rest of modern physics." Albert Einstein.

The majority are right most of the time but not all the time. This is one time even our universities got it wrong. Einstein looked for it. It was there! But he missed lt.

The fundamental forces are all caused via relative motion or phase (Ampère's Law), which also perfectly explains DARK MATTER, and its slower speed than gravity, which is encountered beyond our solar system. So human traveling to far distant system planets, while relying only on modern physics, might be a mistake.

If you click one of those links at the top of this page, then you will see my proof that field theory has actually prevented us from seeing what is causing — not only electron spin precession — but all precession.

That's enough physics for today.

My biggest problem, was solved two days ago; it was not a physics problem, though.

A girl — almost two decades younger than me — who did my WebPages and got me my domain names, kept them in her name then died.

Only the owner of a domain name can pay to renew it for more years.

If you think it was easy to change names, you had better think again. It took a year and a half to resolve, and my attorney's fee of $2,000 was a small fraction of the total cost.


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Ampere's Law of Relative Motion


a unification



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