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FIELD THEORIES HID from us, the fact that relative motion (phase) between all these spinning entities, in the micro & macro universe, gives us all the attractive and repulsive Fundamental Forces.
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Fitzpatrick's 1966 book showed the relative motion laws of A. Ampère unified the forces.
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An Enigma

of the electron spin and orbital


What we know and what we don't know:


We know that magnetism is caused by an in phase line up of both the spin and the orbital of the electron; by this I mean if one takes the old fashioned view of Niels Bohr that the electron is an actual spinning sphere that does actually spin and orbit then these spin planes and orbiting planes will all be lined up rotating the same direction on parallel paths or more in phase causing magnetization. This we know!

We also know that most of these orbitals causing magnetism, by some enigma, all seem to get re-oriented in such a way that the orbital magnetism mostly gets canceled out leaving the electron spin as the principal cause of magnetism.

What you might not know, but should, is the fact that if you visualize a sphere with you at the center and the limit of the sphere at the Hubble limit then the total magnetic in phase electron spin orientation in that sphere all gets canceled out entirely as well, by that same enigma, leaving an absolute zero magnetism for that huge sphere.

The reason for this is something we know but the actual method of how this all works is something we don't know completely yet.

The reason for this is what Dr. Milo Wolff Dr. Milo Wolff discovered: The electron is a scalar, standing wave that perpetuates itself because it and its surrounding electrons are all kept in a perfect scalar, standing wave setup.

How this all works exactly, is something we have only partially discovered.

But if we do return a bit more to Niels Bohr's view of electrons as actual spinning entities and we take the view of the quark also as an actual spinning entity then we can substitute Ampere's law for all of the subset rules we are now using both in the microcosm and macrocosm. See Ampere's Relative Motion Law or Laws: Ampere's Laws or a simpler view

I saw this was the way to look at it in 1966 and this was the theme in the book I published way back then. While I still have a letter of approval from Lincoln Barnett about that book, I got blasted by Robert Dicke, though, who claimed that if gravity was caused by relative motion then we would see interference fringes and we don't.

Dicke would have been right, with the telescopes we had back then, if gravity is caused by a frequency close to the spin or orbital frequencies of the electron but it isn't being produced near those frequencies. Even Einstein knew and said, gravity is a frequency. In fact gravity stems from several different frequencies, none of them near enough to the light frequencies, produced by the electron's spin/orbital frequencies, to be seen by the telescopes of that era.

Nevertheless -- showing us it may indeed be relative motion -- Dicke's interference fringes -- now called gravitational lensing -- finally arrived with the Hubble space telescope, giving us the various multiple images that Dicke actually predicted we would have if gravity is being caused by phase or relative motion.

Relative motion and phase can be seen as essentially the same things in a universe where everything is in motion.

If we look at what both Wolff and Ampere are telling us then we see this is indeed a frequency universe both in the micro and macro worlds. The orbits and spins in both microcosm and macrocosm are all causing attractive forces when more in phase than the average out of phase situation. And repulsive forces are caused when things get more out of phase than the average out of phase situation. Not only that but the average out of phase situation seems to be what we sense as space in our universe.

You really have to read Ampere's laws (links 5 paragraphs above) to understand the above paragraph.

Einstein gave us his cosmological constant, which is the equal but opposite force of gravity. Einstein later retracted it; he shouldn't have though because today most of us, like Saul Perlmutter, know it is really there.

What Einstein failed to do was to try to find out why we had his cosmological constant and the only answer is that the motions of all those stars and galaxies put them too far out of phase with us to attract us because any attraction must be an in phase frequency attraction.

All of these spin produced forces seem to be producing equal but opposite forces just like Einstein's cosmological constant. However, because of this spin enigma we end up -- after all these forces cancel each other out -- with this average out of phase situation, necessary for scalar, standing wave production, that we sense as space.

A distant time is also caused by a more out of phase situation. This is why those stars are separated from you in time as well as space. This is a frequency universe both in the micro and macro worlds.

But this is only the beginning of what's really going on in this frequency universe.

I'll give you a glimpse of the coming attractions if you read on:

Any two things in phase are close both in time and space. An electron in your eye and an electron on a distant star are both distant in time and space. But if those two electrons act like a Cooper pair (spin up/spin down and both spinning in the same equatorial spin plane) then their closest sides -- a Niels Bohr view -- will not only be spinning in the same direction but an ultra thin section of the closest sides of both electrons will be perfectly in phase relative to the rest of the universe. Therefore, those ultra thin slices will both be in the same space and the same time (a photon).

Now you know something even the establishment doesn't yet know: Space is quantized and a photon doesn't even have to move! Nor do gluons nor any of those other similar type particles.

Our scientific establishment should have realized that space is quantized because in general relativity, force (energy) is equated with (curved) space, so if energy is quantized then space must be as well.

Our science community tells us that each of these photons deliver a quantum of energy from the star to our eyes to our brain.

They are absolutely correct!

Let's look at the actual process: it resembles, in some respect, the manner in which the ignition in your car works, if you consider each spark in one of the spark plugs of your car's motor being a quantum of energy delivered from the star to your eye to your brain.

Once an electron in your eye binds with an electron on a star via those ultra thin in phase sections, the electron in your eye gains energy and goes to a higher orbital. This resembles the way the capacitor in your ignition system receives an energy charge from the battery.

Then in much the same way as the capacitor -- disconnecting from the battery -- discharges, producing a spark in one of the spark plugs, does the eye electron then disconnect its binding from the distant star -- dropping an orbital -- to re-bind with a brain electron giving a quantum of light energy to your brain.

The only thing that varies inversely proportional to the square of the distance is the number of these quantum exchanges.

This is a continuous process in your car as it also is in your brain. It does, however, work quite a bit faster in your brain than in your car.

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