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Einstein's biggest blunder, wasn't?



In 1917 Einstein predicated general relativity on the premise that this universe was homogeneous and isotropic. Essentially this meant that a certain definite average amount of space exists between all the stars and galaxies in this universe. This, to Einstein, meant we have a steady-state universe with a force equal but opposite to gravity out there between all the stars and galaxies holding them apart. Einstein named this repelling force his cosmological constant.

But then came the clamor for an expanding universe, which Einstein fought for years but then accepted, realizing his math was showing this to him all the time. Einstein then claimed that his steady-state universe, cosmological constant concept was his biggest blunder.

Of course Einstein did not know that a group studying supernovas would eventually discover this expansion to be accelerating and Saul Perlmutter who headed this group would realize that an expanding universe is one thing but a universe with an accelerating expansion is a horse of a different color. So Saul Perlmutter told us that Einstein's cosmological constant did indeed exist.


Because the principle of equivalence that pertains to gravity must also pertain to gravity's equal but opposite cosmological constant repulsive force. So if the principle of equivalence says you cannot discern gravity from an acceleration then you will also not be able to discern a steady-state universe with this cosmological constant repulsive force out there, between all the stars and galaxies, from an accelerating, expanding universe.

This expanding universe concept doesn't quite hold together once it is discovered that wherever you go in this universe then the universe will also be expanding from that new spot as well.

But how can this be? This is impossible!

I'll agree the same redshift will be seen from wherever in the universe you go but to really believe this universe is actually expanding from every conceivable spot is an exercise in credulity.

So this tells you this supposed expansion is simply an illusion. You must look somewhere else to solve the redshift problem. In fact Hubble, who discovered this redshift, warned about us jumping to the conclusion that this univese was actually expanding.

This cosmological constant repulsive force is in the microcosm as well and this repulsive force between the molecules in a glass prism bends the lower frequency red light waves the least, the same as it does in space between all the stars giving us the Hubble red shift, which is the sole evidence for an expanding universe. Once this red shift is explained, and removed as evidence for an expanding universe, then a steady-state universe again becomes a credible belief as it was in 1917.

So Einstein really did not commit a blunder after all. He merely saw two sides of the same equation. Einstein, who didn't know about the acceleration, thought they were two entirely different things. They were not. They were two concepts, where one could not be discerned from the other.

In fact Einstein could have even predicted this forthcoming acceleration because his cosmological constant repulsive force implied we would be able to detect a form of acceleration from it.

WMAP and the fact that a neutron lasts for about 15 minutes until it beta decays sends us a message that for eons of time the neutron was stable and we had a steady-state all neutron universe with galaxies of all neutron stars. A slight exchange of energy between microcosm and macrocosm over this long time period shifted the fine-structure constant and gave us a beta decay big bang with the first electrons, atoms and molecules. The microwave background evidence is unmistakable that this beta decay happened all throughout this original all neutron universe.


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