SEE, — HOW the complexities of
FIELD THEORIES HID from us, the fact that relative motion (phase) between all these spinning entities, in the micro & macro universe, gives us all the attractive and repulsive Fundamental Forces.
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Fitzpatrick's 1966 book showed the relative motion laws of A. Ampère unified the forces.
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Quantum Theorists are correct:

This is a frequency or wave universe in the microcosm.

But is it also a frequency/wave universe in the macrocosm as well?


Written by

Daniel P. Fitzpatrick Jr.

who has not only written some top notch books
but also has pulled together
--- as
MAGPUL sees ---
a great number of scientific facts that show us
a universe almost no one has even considered.



Dr. Milo Wolff 1 showed us that the electron is a scalar, spinning, standing wave, entity that receives and transmits energy to/from its surrounding electrons all the way out to the Hubble limit where this energy exchange ceases. It's important that you know this and that you know the quark is also a scalar, spinning, standing wave entity and that an important quark spin frequency is the square -- a resonance -- of the electron spin frequency.

The most important theme in mathematician Stephen Wolfram's best seller, his 1,000 page A New Kind of Science, is this:

"Mathematics can explain simple things but it takes a model to explain complicated things, however, a simple model can explain a complicated universe."


Absolutely true! And dear readers, you may witness and "see" the very first simple model that finally explains our entire complicated universe.



The simple model that can best explain our entire complicated universe is Dr. Milo Wolff''s spinning, scalar, standing wave that -- if it has motion, which it does -- must also have a vector spin component that will orient itself and its neighbors in the best manner so as to preserve standing wave perpetuation by keeping everything perfectly balanced, and far enough apart wavelength-wise, in respect to the mean or average of its surrounding, moving, neighbor standing waves.

This vector spin component will, of necessity, play its vector role, creating either an attracting or repelling force to alter the position and stabilization necessary for standing wave perpetuation.



After seeing this we must then note that all radio receivers must be limited to a certain frequency band or a limited number of frequency bands. Any radio receiver, ever built, has had a limited range of frequencies it can receive.

There is no such thing as a single radio receiver that can cover everything from the high ultra violet light frequency down to the lowest radio frequency. However, human beings can actually notice or "see" a tremendous amount of this range. Please excuse my use of the word "see" herein; its use is not quite correct but it does indeed explain the following picture in simple terms.

In the micro world certain rules and math are used for a certain frequency band (gauge - a term used by quantum theorists) whereas entirely different rules and math are used for a different frequency band (gauge).

Can it be possible that these different gauges are really entirely different space-time realms? If they are then we see the reason for the term c2 appearing in our math.

In the quark realm the (QCD gauge) rules and math are entirely different from the electron realm (QED gauge). Nevertheless, there seems to be a vague symmetry existing not only between these two different gauges but also the same vague symmetry exists between the microcosm and macrocosm as well: for instance, in each case there is this seemingly tremendous amount of empty space between each of the individual units, that also show evidence of spin, regardless of which gauge they are in.

The reason for all this similar symmetry of empty space and spin throughout microcosm and macrocosm is because this really is a frequency universe all throughout. We, as humans, see the higher quark and electron frequencies as actual frequencies but then we see things below the electron orbital frequencies as solids even though these solids are themselves built of various scalar, spinning, standing wave entities.

But galactic spin frequencies are even lower than this and we observe these much lower frequency spinning galaxies as variegated solids.

Hence we observe or "see" the higher frequencies as frequencies and the next lower frequency range as solids and the next lower frequency range as variegated solids.

Therefore, in this all frequency universe we see neither spins nor excessive empty space at our own frequency -- where we see things as solids, liquids and gasses -- but both spins and excessive empty space appear to us at both higher and lower frequencies than ours. This tells us what Lorentz's relativity first showed us: that we are not seeing space correctly.

So if we see things -- at our own frequency -- behaving as solids then will electrons at their own frequency behave as solids, spinning and orbiting as believed by Niels Bohr and previous physicists? I've already given the proof 2 that they do in -- why the pi bond is weaker than the sigma bond -- (It's about a third of the way down in that2 paper.).

Therefore, Niels Bohr may have been correct and the electron may be behaving as a solid in its own frequency band (gauge) whereas we can see it only as a frequency or wave.

Kurt Gödel proved -- Gödel's Proof -- that if scientists could not see this entire universe then these scientists might think they had universal truths when all they had were rules for their small subset system.

That's exactly what happened to us: we have no one set of laws for this entire universe. All we have are subset rules that we use in these various subset gauges.

Einstein also warned everyone about using rules that required the field concept in 1954 when he said, "I consider it quite possible that physics cannot be based on the field concept, i.e., on continuous structures. In that case, nothing remains of my entire castle in the air, gravitation theory included, [and of] the rest of modern physics."

Einstein was right. You cannot use concepts that require fields if you want to see how this entire universe works because the field concept can only be used when there are a tremendous number of quanta. Not only that but by using this field concept, half the picture is missing because the surroundings are not being considered (Mach's principle). So what are we still using? Even more than half a century, after Einstein's warning, we are still using gravitational fields, magnetic fields, plus and minus charges which use fields and the list goes on and on for these worthless subset gauge concepts that also use the useless field concept.

Do we have laws that work in all gauges that also don't require fields? Yes, they were given to us by Ampere -- who the Amp is named after -- plus they show why quanta work and why we have Mach's principle and inertia, which the field laws don't; plus Ampere's laws show why we have gravity.

General relativity equates force with space and we can do exactly the same in the microcosm equating both force and space with both the electron and quark spin frequencies: Space being the average out of phase condition and attractive force being caused as things are more in phase than this average out of phase (space) condition and repulsive force being when things are more out of phase than this average out of phase (space) condition.3 Seeing things this way, space becomes quantized along with energy.

For instance, picture the electron to be a solid, as Nobel laureate Niels Bohr claimed; enlarge it to the size of a basket-ball. Make two electrons, of that size, have opposite spins, both spinning in the same equatorial spin plane. Please note that there will then always be two razor blade thin sections of their closest sides that will always be perfectly in phase with each other and therefore far more attracted to each other than the rest of the portions of the two electrons. This, in fact, is the cause of sigma bonding between two electrons in chemical bonding. These razor blade thin in phase sections of the closest sides of these spin up--spin down electrons are also the reason for Cooper pairs of electrons and the reason energy is only delivered in quantum units. (Click blue links to see a better explanation of Ampere's phase laws: or for more detailed views Ampere's Laws and and )

What's incredible for me to believe is that Ampere gave us his relative motion phase laws in 1824-25 because he knew something -- later discovered to be electrons -- were moving inside copper wires causing magnetism in iron and this electromotive force of attraction and repulsion between the copper wires themselves. These relative motion laws for either attraction or repulsion, given to us by Ampere, are also phase laws that perfectly fit our all frequency universe and can replace all the laws we have now PLUS they work in both the microcosm and macrocosm. In other words they give us the answer Einstein tried to find that unified gravity with ALL the other forces. How can it be that no one else, as yet, has even published this noteworthy fact? Here's another link to Ampere's laws:

Electrons in your eye and electrons on a star are many light years distant -- but if they have opposite spins and are lined up exactly in phase and are bonded together -- then those ultra thin portions of your eye electrons and the ultra thin portions of the star electrons -- that give you various quanta of light from the star -- have to be considered in the same space and time even though all those electrons themselves are not. Remember, space -- that you know you are not seeing correctly -- has to be considered as nothing but the average out of phase amount in this all frequency universe.

This is also why after hundreds of billions of years of the stars converting everything to iron, which is that particular molecular average out of phase atomic space condition -- and the atomic energy ash heap as well because no atomic energy is available from iron -- that the lights will finally go out in our universe.

We can see that space for the electron (related to its spin frequency c) multiplied by itself becomes a harmonic c2 or from our point of view an acceleration. But, what is c2?

Well, it's a mathematical term for the speed of light squared. A speed squared? That makes me, and indeed a good many other mathematicians, ponder a bit! Even though it appears in our math, can a speed actually be squared?

What we do know, however, is that a speed times itself is most certainly an acceleration. (In reality we are actually squaring a frequency -- the electron spin frequency -- that we behold as a speed and the square of which -- the quark spin frequency -- we behold as acceleration.)

Now, if it's this quark spin giving us gravity and inertia (read these other papers) 4 then we can see why squaring the electron spin frequency (to the quark spin frequency c2) makes gravity indistinguishable from an acceleration. 5

Scientists know the electron spin gives us magnetic force and now, if you have read some of my other papers, you can see that it is the quark spin being a resonant frequency of the electron spin -- the square of the electron spin -- that gives us gravitational force. This resonance, by the way, is the reason that gravity bends light.

Look at earth's gravitational force: it's a scalar acceleration of 32 feet per second, per second in all directions. Therefore gravity's equal but opposite force (Einstein's Cosmological Constant) would also have to be seen by us as a scalar acceleration in all directions as well. And we do see Einstein's Cosmological Constant force as an all directional scalar, accelerating force: we see Einstein's -- opposite force of gravity -- as an accelerating, scalar expansion (an accelerating, expanding universe) when in reality all we are actually viewing is this force (Einstein's Cosmological Constant) in a steady state universe.


Horror of horrors: Fred Hoyle 6 was right all the time!


The "Principle of Equivalence" states that we cannot distinguish gravity from an acceleration. If this is true then this same "Principle of Equivalence" must also tell us that we cannot discern gravity's equal but opposite force (Einstein's Cosmological Constant) from an acceleration either.

Which means well known British astronomer Fred Hoyle, who gave us the popular phrase "Big Bang" was absolutely correct. We are in a steady state universe that has Einstein's Cosmological Constant Force in it holding everything apart just as it does in the microcosm keeping that in a steady state as well.

Of course! Because this is really a frequency universe all throughout and if it appears to be steady state in the microcosm then it would also have to appear to be steady state in the macrocosm as well --- and it does!

We are therefore in a steady state universe with (Einstein's Cosmological Constant) in it, holding all the stars and galaxies apart, that we cannot distinguish from an accelerating, expanding universe. ("Principle of Equivalence")


January 26, 2013 and revised Jan. 31, 2013



"Unfortunately, it is also a dictum of history that the intellectual establishment is the last to accept new ideas."

Dr. Ravi Batra


1 Dr. Milo Wolff




3 a phase universe


4 While the electron spin causes magnetism, GRAVITY & INERTIA are caused by the QUARK SPIN.


5 Click this and see WHY gravity must act like an acceleration (Principle of Equivalence)




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