SEE, — HOW the complexities of
FIELD THEORIES HID from us, the fact that relative motion (phase) between all these spinning entities, in the micro & macro universe, gives us all the attractive and repulsive Fundamental Forces.
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Fitzpatrick's 1966 book showed the relative motion laws of A. Ampère unified the forces.
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Letter to Delphine,

No longer in Florida but am retired -- be 78 in a few days -- and living in a house on two acres in Tennessee that a bank reposessed. Neither the bank nor the realtor knew the property had free gas. I got the property for $19, 000, which was less than what an annuity would cost for free gas for the rest of my life so i really bought the gas and got the house and land thrown in free.

House does need fixin' so that's what i'm doin' now.

I'll give you a story for France Amerique.

I had three year of German in a New Jersey high school and then was shipped to Germany in the Army, right after the war.

I always wanted to go to Paris so I studied the small Army French book and finally found a chance to go to Paris.

There I was eating and some Germans wanted food too but couldn't understand how to get what they wanted. So I translated for them and ordered for them and then told them how much to pay.

I was on top of the world thinking of how I just translated between two languages, neither of which was my own.


Then i went to the Tour Eifel. And there was a woman information guide that looked like my grandmother speaking to everyone (in 7 different languages). People all stood in line to get information from her. I heard her speaking various languages. She spoke to the British with a Limy accent. When my turn came, I asked her if I could walk up further after the main elevator emptied. She told me I could (I didn't have to pay for the second elevator, that way) and she spoke to me just like my grandmother, back in New Jersey, would with no accent whatsoever exactly like an American in New Jersey would talk.

Man, that took me down off my translating high and I can never see a picture of the Eifle Tower without thinking of that old lady translating for those Eifle Tower visitors.

Daniel P. Fitzpatrick Jr.


Thank you,

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Over 4 Decades of Fitzpatrick's Books, Papers & Thoughts