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December 31, 2006 Edition

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Daniel P. Fitzpatrick Jr.
replying to Dave Bacon in " The Quantum Pontiff "

(Reprinted with permission)

This is an extremely simple universe providing you look at it as a scalar, standing wave universe.

As Dr. Milo Wolff showed, each electron is a scalar, standing wave entity giving and receiving energy to and from other surrounding electrons out to the Hubble limit (a finite amount).

But each electron has spin, which IS also scalar in respect to the TOTAL of the surrounding electrons but spin is NOT scalar to individual electrons and therein lies the rub.

Two spinning scalar resonances will have more space between them the more their spin frequencies of their closest sides are out of phase.

You get more SPACE, therefore, with more out of phase spin frequencies, between the closest sides, of other scalar resonances.

This is why Einstein's space is correct and Newton's space is wrong.

A greater difference in TIME is simply more out of phase with the principal scalar frequencies being observed.

This phase difference is what we see as light moving between the stars at 300, 000, 000 meters per second.

And this is why you have Minkowski's Light Cone.

This is also why Gödel's proof is correct.

Repulsive force equates with more space just like the tensor math in GR.

Attractive force equates with less space like the tensor math as well.

Believe it or not it is as simple as that.

Stephen Wolfram, who claimed this universe is built on a simple model using simple rules, is absolutely right, it turns out.

* * *

The quantum computer, Dave Bacon mentions in The Quantum Pontiff, depends on the present concept of quantum interference being correct.

I suspect instead that the real reason one electron only reacts with other electrons on a certain path and never with others on a so called identical path is because the detector on this other path places its detecting electrons at a phase difference where their detection of the initial electron is impossible.

The reason for this phase difference has to be properly worked out before we can have Feynman's quantum computers.

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