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FIELD THEORIES HID from us, the fact that relative motion (phase) between all these spinning entities, in the micro & macro universe, gives us all the attractive and repulsive Fundamental Forces.
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Fitzpatrick's 1966 book showed the relative motion laws of A. Ampère unified the forces.
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This paper about COLORS is the short section about colors copied from the much longer paper, above, that I wrote last month in June.

Many have told me to write a paper simply on that short piece about colors, leaving the rest out.

So I'm doing exactly that with this short paper.

We begin with Ampère.

The unit of electrical current — the Amp — is named after well known French scientist Andre Marie Ampère, who lived more than 200 years ago. During those days, in France, the mother's first name was always given to her son as his second name, hence the name Marie as Ampère's second name.

Ampère discovered several items of immense importance, dealing with electricity, and one of those was that things moving in-phase attract.

But when will FRANCE discover the supreme importance of Ampère's discovery that things moving in-phase attract?

These in-phase resonance attractions are binding energy!

Not only that, but Ampère's Laws turn out to be the basic fundamental foundation for every attractive or repulsive invisible force in this entire universe!

Einstein looked for this fundamental foundation and couldn't find it.

Here it is, right in front of you!

This is so important that some day, many years from now, more French children will know who Ampère was than Napoleon.

But that will take time in coming because our universities are set up to safeguard and teach us all the lessons of the past: they seem less interested in enlightening us about the future.

Magnetism & Light are caused via PHASE.

The thousands of people, who read these internet papers of mine, in more than 50 countries every month, know this.

Right now, my guess is that they are some of the few people in this world who know exactly why we see light. You must know precisely how PHASE causes light, because light comes from distant electrons, small sections of which are in-phase with small sections of electrons in your eyes.

The following is why we see COLORS.

Colors exist simply because we have long distance RESONANCE STRUCTURE IN-PHASE bonding (binding energy).

Resonance structure bonding is recognized as being correct.

Ampère's Laws show us that the resonance structure must also be in-phase for attractive bonding (binding energy) to even exist.

I had to solve real science problems all my life, and I needed a concept that worked ALL the time like PHASE — not sometimes like field theory.

For decades, I've been showing that both sigma and pi bonding must be PHASE bonding, where the CLOSEST SIDES of these spinning entities are always in-phase.

Sigma and pi bonding gets confusing. Instead think of in-phase resonance structures, because ALL in-phase resonant structures, of protons and/or electrons are BINDING energy

In a resonance structure in-phase bond, only two EQUAL sized sections are bonding by resonating in-phase with each other.

With light, these sections are smaller than chemical resonance structures, and with light energy, the size of these smaller sections varies from more than a quarter of each of the electron pair when transmitting ultraviolet light, to a very small wedge section of each of the electron pair when transmitting infrared light.

In my first book, in 1966, I showed this type in-phase bonding was responsible for magnetism too. And I clearly showed why field theory, for magnetism, was wrong.

In fact, in 1954 Einstein said the following about field theory.

"I consider it quite possible that physics cannot be based on the field concept, i.e., on continuous structures. In that case, nothing remains of my entire castle in the air, gravitation theory included, [and of] the rest of modern physics."

While sigma and pi bonds are seen as close bonds, what many fail to realize is that the strength of each quantum of binding energy does not diminish with distance: only the NUMBER of these bonds diminishes inversely with the square of the distance.

Light energy is caused by an oscillating spin up electron, binding in-phase with a spin down electron.

This is the same type electron oscillation transmitted by a TV transmitter, except light frequencies are at a much, much, much higher frequency: you'll see how much higher, later.

Light energy quanta (from opposite spinning electrons) comes in various sizes of energy quanta, that our brain lets us see as various colors.

Envisage the two electrons on the helium atom. They have opposite spins. We call this spin up and spin down with a small section of each electron being permanently in-phase with an EQUAL sized small section of the other.

We use the term binding energy because energy is shifted from one place to another via electron by merely shifting electron binding from one place to another: therefore energy transfer is not possible without impedance matched binding.

So, both of these small sections of each electron — binding or transferring energy — must be the same EXACT mass.

Impedance matching is why energy cannot be created or destroyed: it can only be transferred to different places, or from energy to mass or vice versa.

I learned about this impedance matching, more than half a century ago, building radio transmitters.

Electronic engineers know that impedance matching is necessary for efficient energy transfer to another circuit. It's the same with your eyes: the mass of each EQUAL sized small section on an electron in a distant star, and an electron in your eye cones, must match EXACTLY for you to see that quantum of light from that star.

In fact, it will take several quanta before your eye can distinguish the slightest bit of light.

We have both rod and cone cells in our eyes. The cone cells give us the colors that we see. The method, that the receptor electrons in these cone cells use to give us these colors, is as follows.

Light energy is shifted to your eye when a spin up electron bonds with a spin down electron in your eye, where both keep EQUAL small sections of their CLOSEST SIDES in-phase.

Only these spin up - spin down pair bonds, with their CLOSEST SIDES in-phase, can provide light energy to our eyes.

With magnetic electrons, it's a bit different: in magnetism, there are also same direction spin on same spin axis electrons. These are STRONGER resonance structures of in-phase binding, and great groups of these MAIN, strongest binding quanta are the individual Barkhausen clicks you hear as magnetization takes place.

This brings in nuclear forces that also greatly increase the strength of each quantum force. Since our red, green and blue eye cones only have ONE steady nuclear force, let's only concentrate on the electron weaker forces that do vary, giving us various colors.

Yes, colors can be produced by varying these nuclear forces, that also produce heat and motion. That is not our concern.

This paper is only about the simple electron to eye electron in-phase resonance BINDING ENERGY motion that is needed to transfer light to our eye cones.

These eye cones, in turn, transfer this undulating electron binding energy, of colored light, to our brain.

Please entirely concentrate on PHASE: entirely forget fields, north and south poles, plus and minus charges and all those other subset forces that we've now unified via PHASE using RESONANCE in-phase attractive binding STRUCTURES, i.e., a spin up - spin down electron pair.

RESONANCE STRUCTURES are a big improvement over sigma and pi binding, because resonance does exist here, especially in the atomic nucleus, producing all this binding energy, but there is much more.

If you are describing things like electrons that spin the same frequency and that are essentially the same size then resonance alone isn't quite good enough, and you have to add PHASE.

I'll show you why.

I learned this early, as a kid, examining some alnico magnets.

Whenever I put the two alnico magnets on top of each other with both north poles up, then far more electrons were in-phase with each other (same direction spin on same spin axis) and those magnets were attracting.

But whenever I put one magnet north pole up and the other north pole down, then the sides of both magnets attracted almost half as much as the polar attraction: the electrons in that magnet, with sections of their CLOSEST SIDES bonding together, were acting no differently than a spin up - spin down bonding pair of electrons (spinning at or close to the same spin plane) that allow your eyes to see in color.

You see, those electrons that give us magnetism and light are not FREE electrons.

They are molecular electrons.

They are all somewhat attached to atomic nuclei via RESONANCE; they wobble (producing light) instead of fully precessing: their nuclear resonance attachment prevents them from fully precessing, thereby not being fully able, anymore, to repel ALL other perfectly FREE electrons.

Wait, wait, wait: explain that last paragraph!

OK, Take a simple child's toy gyroscope that you spin by pulling a string, wound around its axis. Get it spinning and hold ONLY one axis end with your finger tips. It defies gravity. Why?

My next paper will tell you EXACTLY why!

I've heard people from our universities tell us Inertial force is equal, but opposite to gravitational force.

That's not quite right, because a new force from the surrounding stars results in a new inertial precession force that acts against ANY force that tries to CHANGE that spin motion.

I made my money by knowing what was absolutely right when these universities were not quite right.

Here's basically, what is really going on.

Anyway, the gyro doesn't fall down, but wobbles in your finger tips because an additional force now, pulling from the surrounding stars, acting against gravity, is making it wobble instead of falling out of your finger tips to the ground, like we think it should.

Where does this inertial force come from?

In 1851 the French physicist Jean Foucault proved that this inertia — these people tell us equals gravity — comes from the stars that surround us.

Foucault suspended a 62 pound iron ball, using a 220 foot steel wire, from the top inside ceiling of the Panthéon in Paris. He observed its swing as it swung back and forth like a pendulum, and saw that the pendulum swing stayed stationary to the fixed stars in space while the earth turned under it in a bit less than 24 hours each day.

A bit less than 24 hours a day?

Yes, now we know the earth turns once exactly in 23 hours, 56 minutes and 4 seconds. It's called earth rate: look it up. The earth makes one complete turn, in respect only to the sun, in 24 hours.

Yes, this is the real reason perfectly FREE electrons repel each other.

Stars, galaxies and super clusters obey Phase symmetry "phase" rules the same as FREE electrons do, and they repel each other for the same reason, but FREE electrons are much better at it because same size spinning entities will have identical inertial mass, and as they approach their strongest polar attracting points where both are spinning the same direction on the same axis, then the resulting 90 degree gyro inertial precession force makes each of them keep precessing around themselves forever, so they can NEVER actually bind together.

Stars and galaxies are doing exactly that too, but we're not here long enough to witness that precession.

Sorry, plus and minus charges don't exist. FREE electrons repel each other for the same reason stars, galaxies and super clusters do.

They must repel each other when their closest sides are out-of-phase with each other. This is Einstein's Cosmological Constant, that Ampère' discovered more than a hundred years before Einstein.

ALL these invisible forces are caused simply by PHASE.

If you read my other papers, that many are now doing, you'll see even more proof than this that all these type attractions are in-phase resonances.

The force transmitting Light to our eyes comes in many sized quanta, each quantum of which is many magnitudes of times weaker than each quantum of magnetic force in iron.

These Light transmitting quanta to our eyes come to us simply via TWO spin up - spin down electrons.

This many sized quanta way, is the resonance force way where the binding of only TWO electrons give us LIGHT. This happens when both attracting electrons spin in opposite directions.

The strongest quantum of light is ultraviolet light.

Ultraviolet light occurs when two hyperactive electrons — one transmitting, one receiving — spin in the same exact plane with EQUAL size sections of their CLOSEST SIDES going in the same direction, thereby creating energy by binding in-phase.

Then come weaker and weaker quanta (various other different colors) as electrons create energy via spin in — parallel spin planes — with EQUAL size small wedge shaped sections of their CLOSEST SIDES going in the same direction, and permanently binding in-phase.

However, these EQUAL sized in-phase sections will be getting less and less massive, as both electrons deviate from that ultraviolet identical spin plane: this will mean less and less binding attraction, the greater the deviation.

The electron — along with every spinning thing — has inertia, and exhibits a form of wobble (inertial spin precession) as a force is applied to the spinning electron as it drops to a lower orbital.

Each quantum of light gets weaker as the angle of each of these parallel spins — in parallel spin planes — deviates from the (same exact plane) ultraviolet position, and as these sections get smaller and smaller, the frequency of each of these light quanta decreases because the weaker and weaker binding pull from these smaller and smaller sections gives less and less electron inertial spin precession (wobble).

The more that angle deviates more and more from the ultraviolet (both on same exact spin plane) then there will be less and less inertial spin precession (wobble), resulting in various lower and lower frequency COLORS being produced.

The color with the slowest inertial spin precession (lowest frequency and lowest energy quantum) is infrared.

Here's what happens when you look at a star.

There are electrons in your eye that are set up to quickly shift binding between binding with electrons on that star and then shift back to closer binding with other electrons in your eye giving you a quantum of light energy, every shift. At the instant of transfer as the electron on the star transfers this quantum of energy — the star in the higher energy level instantly replaces it — and few today realize all energy transfers work exactly this way.

Every time your eye electron binds with an electron in the star, via "Quantum Entanglement", it gains a quantum of inertial mass (equal to a quantum of energy). When it shifts back to closer binding with your senses, you receive this quantum of light energy. There are many of these electrons in your eye first gaining mass by binding with the stars then shifting that energy to your senses by binding back locally with your senses and doing that over and over again many thousand, billion times per second (American billion not English billion).

Yes, the mid range green eye cone in your eye is receiving green light at 5,000 Angstroms in wavelength, and this green frequency is cycling at 600 trillion times a second (600 THz).

How does that compare with what us humans have done?

The first radio stations were in kilocycles or thousands of cycles per second. Your cell phone transmits in megacycles or millions of cycles per second: that's slow, slow, slow compared to how your eyes view color!

And your eyes receive color frequencies far further than any cell phone will ever receive any information, and the eye circuits are smaller than any integrated circuit ever will be.

I hope I've opened your eyes up to a portion of this world of color.

Einstein showed you space could be distorted. I've showed in other papers that space exists because of out-of-phase forces. And it's not simply space; it's spacetime because as we look through the Hubble telescope into space, we also are looking back into time.

See, it's so complex that Einstein was right in 1954 when he said you couldn't use field theory to explain it.

I find it best to rid my mind completely of all of field theory's math and rules before piecing together the complexities of these Phase symmetry forces.

Remember, only the number of bonding pairs drops off inversely with the square of the distance: thus, Phase symmetry ends up with the inverse square rule the same as fields do.

We have also been tricked into believing that this is only a frequency universe in the microcosm. I'm afraid it is a frequency universe all throughout, and that's why we need these Phase symmetry "phase" rules instead of field theory.

Too few seem to realize that NASA scientist, Dr. Milo Wolff has proven the electron is a scalar, spinning, standing wave: once scientists see that the quark is too, then a brand new look at our macrocosm is needed because elements there indicate it too is obeying these scalar, spinning, standing wave Phase symmetry phase rules exactly as in the microcosm: and this is truly a revelation.

ANSWER Einstein looked for Issued: July 10th 2018.

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DATE: July 1st 2018.

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