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FIELD THEORIES HID from us, the fact that relative motion (phase) between all these spinning entities, in the micro & macro universe, gives us all the attractive and repulsive Fundamental Forces.
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Fitzpatrick's 1966 book showed the relative motion laws of A. Ampère unified the forces.
Fitz's first book in 1966

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A New Extraordinary Kind




A great many more problems get solved using this new extraordinary kind of science.

With this new look at things, the reasons for everything become crystal clear:

The reason for the God Particle.

The reason mass can turn to energy (E = m c2).

The reason for Mach’s principle.

The reason we can have both quanta and fields.

With clarity the forces become unified.

We have a frequency universe quantum folks agree with.

We get a speed for gravity agreeable to astronomers.

We understand why gravity must also be an acceleration.

We understand why that acceleration is only apparent.

Einstein's cosmological constant exists in both macro and micro worlds holding everything apart.

We get a simple model that finally explains our entire complicated universe.

You can get the general gist of this new extraordinary kind of science – being put together now – by reading various articles at &

But will this new model be soon accepted? And the answer is no!

The Neanderthals made the same exact stone tools for over 200,000 years with absolutely no changes whatsoever.

That very same Neanderthal thinking in our universities today will keep this present conflicting science intact as long as possible.

Something extremely forceful will eventually change all this but where or when that will happen is beyond my comprehension.

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Nonetheless, now I thought I’d write a bit about some of my own experiences in solving certain science problems.


My father and I studied for, and got, our 2nd Class Radio licenses together right after World War ll. Bell Telephone decided to start putting telephones in cars and this meant putting a big transmitter & radio receiver in the trunk of the car. Transmitters and receivers were pretty big back then, before transistors, and this assembly took up most of the trunk space of the car.

This installation could only be done if the installer had, at least, a Federal 2nd Class Radio license. My father set up classes so other Bell Telephone employees could obtain their required Federal licenses.

I went in half with my father to buy a war surplus Sherman tank transceiver and we both studied for our amateur radio license which we needed in order to transmit over the air on 80 and 40 meters but my father – probably because of his telephone company work load – bogged down on the required Morse code and never got up to the 13 words a minute that was required for an amateur license way back then. However, in my second year of high school, I and my biology teacher along with some other students kept at the Morse code and got our licenses.

Years later came the much easier 5 words per minute Novice exam but in those early post war years you had to pass a 13 words a minute Morse code test to get a class B amateur radio license and with that you could only transmit Morse code. But if you did that for one year you were then eligible to take your class A phone exam. So after a year of transmitting in Morse code, I then took the train to New York city again and passed a much stiffer theory test and got my class A ticket. With that class A license I could speak over the air using a microphone.

During those years I had to get that low wattage 40 watt transmitter to work as well as possible. To do that I found I had to learn about standing waves; which I did.

By that time my father was in charge of installing car radio-telephones for Bell Telephone in the city of Newark, NJ. So I asked my father to bring home one of those standing wave indicators they were using.

He said, "You don't need that! Look!" and he put a wood lead pencil to the antenna and drawing a continuous spark, said, "See that! You can see you are putting out OK."

I knew immediately that he knew nothing about standing waves and that most probably many of those car telephones, in Newark, weren't working properly. As hard as I tried, I simply could not get through to him that it was essential that he learned the importance of standing waves in order to get the full power out of transmitters.

I'm deeply indebted to my father for giving me this interest in radio and science and I'm not trying to down play him but he did miss this one important aspect of how important standing waves were to radio transmitters.

Years later, after he retired, I went to see him near Tampa, Florida and I asked him, "Did you ever learn about standing waves?"

He muttered, "Standing waves –– standing waves. Yes! The Bell lab people found out that my men weren't using their standing wave meters and I had to set up a course to teach all of them how to properly use those meters so all those car radio-telephones would work properly."

Yeah, his men weren't using those meters because he put a lead pencil – probably – to the antenna and getting a spark said, "See, That's good!"

Now I have the same problem with the scientific community: they don't want to learn about standing waves either! They are not listening to Dr. Milo Wolff . My good friend Milo Wolff proved this is a standing wave universe!

Standing waves are a menace in radio because they soak up power reproducing themselves and they radiate no energy to radio receivers. While standing waves are a bane in communications, they make the perfect building block for building our universe. Why? Because they keep reproducing themselves and they don't waste their energy by radiating it away. They are the very things that make us possible.

Like my father, every great scientist – even Einstein, has had his serious faults. This is true with the university system as well. Look at all this proclaimed knowledge floating around put out by the universities. It’s sort of like working in a diamond mine: You have to go through tons of this rubbish, that is being put out by all these so called experts, before you can end up with only one diamond truth. It’s exactly like looking through tons of dirt and debris before you get one diamond, similar to working in a diamond mine.

Einstein’s general relativity is his diamond. This you can learn things from. The argument still goes on though about Einstein’s special relativity and Lorentz’s relativity. Lorentz gave us his relativity first. Lorentz relativity allows gravity to go faster than the speed of light! Special relativity is something that Einstein copied and modified from Lorentz relativity. Einstein’s special relativity does not allow gravitational attraction to go faster than the speed of light. Unfortunately, while modifying Lorentz’s relativity, Einstein failed to heed the astronomers who all knew gravity could not go as slow as the speed of light. And this example points up the major problem in believing present science: scientists in one field won’t even listen to scientists in another field where things don’t agree. In fact, all these many highly important conflicting science beliefs are essentially what Gödel's proof have proven do indeed exist.

In other words, Gödel's proof shows us, beyond any doubt whatsoever, that there are too many major conflicting science beliefs to even consider the absolute certainty of any laws of present science!

So Kurt Gödel points out this relevant fact that these Neanderthal scientists wish to continue to disregard.

To understand a bit of this major – but mere tip of the ice berg – polarizing science dilemma – especially between Albert Einstein and the astronomers – you must listen to Van Flandern. Tom Van Flandern proved – as every astronomer knows – gravity must be going far, far faster than the speed of light for this universe to be stable.

The speed of light is 3x108 meters per second or c. But all the astronomical schools in our best universities know and say that gravity must go instantly as Newton required or at least 9x1016 meters per second or c2.

This gave me an early red warning sign not to entirely trust Einstein’s special relativity whereas Einstein’s general relativity remains a genuine diamond jewel indeed.

Not even the best of us remains error free but it is quite certain that no molecule, not even an atom, can go faster than the speed of light. This is what Einstein should have said but he went a bit too far and proclaimed a bit too much.

Moreover, you can be assured – regardless of what Stephen Hawking advises – that there will be no human venturing – near the speed of light – a speed that is necessary if people wish to inhabit planets of distant stars.

Why can't we travel at that fast a speed?

Because if humans are moved in our solar system* even close to 1% of the speed of light (300,000 meters per second), their tissues may not hold together much like a comet comes apart as it nears the sun. In fact comets – that are ice – start coming apart even before they reach 50,000 meters per second, and this is only one sixth of 1% of the speed of light. It’s a similar force – pulling from the surrounding stars – that explode gyros if they are spun too fast.

* (These velocities are measured relative to, and inside of, our solar system. Not relative to, and inside of, our galaxy where we, along with our sun, are traveling a whopping 254,000 meters per second.)

Comets come apart because of their velocity plus their being in the vicinity of the sun; so the mass of the sun in close proximity also is involved. It certainly looks like humans can't go much faster than 1% of the speed of light in the vicinity of a star the size of our sun.

Our Neanderthal scientists know the dangers of rapid accelerations, decelerations and rapid turns at high speeds but they are not aware that this new binding with the surrounding stars hypothesis is revealing a safe velocity for humans or other creatures is limited to a fraction of the speed of light, even when traveling far from any stars. This probably is a very small percentage of the speed of light as well.

This new science, therefore, explains the reason for Fermi's paradox.

All this happens – according to this new extraordinary kind of science – because of the extremely high added quark translational motion: such motion causes high quark to quark in phase binding with the surrounding stars. With enough velocity, this will pull these human bones and tissues all apart. Move far faster and even steel molecules will explode apart.

This new science is showing you why water molecules, when heated to give them more velocity, turn to steam. Present science doesn't tell you why, does it?

This is one of the reasons why we see these gas clouds in outer space, especially around massive binary stars: it’s the relative molecular speed that insures they remain gas clouds. The gas simply cannot condense – it keeps being pulled apart, by the surrounding stars, as gas – until the gas molecules slow down appreciably.

A Cooper pair – are two opposite spin electrons, both in the same equatorial spin plane – that are bound together by their closest sides going in the same direction and having an ultra thin section of both closest sides in phase. A similar in phase, ultra thin section, of the closest sides of a spin up-spin down quark pair is called, by CERN, the God particle. This in phase attraction of both electrons and quarks is explained by or a more detailed view Ampere's Laws.

We sense the electron to electron in phase binding happening at 3x108 meters per second or c. We sense the God particle or quark to similar quark in phase binding (a quantum of either gravitational or inertial force) as happening at 9x1016 meters per second or c2.

But you will need this new enlightened kind of science to fully understand this.

I did a lot of analyzing gyroscope precession before I wrote my first book in 1966. I came to the conclusion that the way this 90 degree gyro precession was happening was an additional proof of Mach’s principle: that gyroscopic inertia was caused by the gyroscope’s molecules binding – in some way – with the molecules in the surrounding stars. I imagine Ernst Mach saw this as well.

In 1966, while working for Pan American Airlines, I published my first book:

There was a full page in the New York Times about Fitzpatrick's First Book on June 18th 1967.

"Fitzpatrick's First Book" also in Adobe.pdf - pge1.pdf

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What most scientists fail to realize is that a simple model can explain a complicated universe. I knew this in 1966 even before Stephen Wolfram did. That was essentially what my first book was about.

Even to this day I cannot understand why my peers do not recognize the importance of Mach’s principle and that this is a standing wave universe as Dr. Milo Wolf has shown. It’s so obvious! Eventually this new enlightened kind of science will prevail but I’m glad, in a way, it hasn’t caught on strong yet because, in this way, it’s allowing me – even though I’m slow and in my 80s – to remain out here, way ahead of the mob, and actually be one of the people able to begin to see into and work with this new extraordinary kind of science.


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