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The SIMPLICITY, of our universe, that modern physics totally misses.


SIMPLICITY In Adobe pdf.

There is only ONE RULE for the creation of spacetime.

This ONE RULE greatly simplifies our understanding of how this entire universe works, but the problem is that we fail to realize that this is a SCALER, spinning, standing wave universe with 5 different spin frequencies that we are aware of, i.e., quark, electron, star, galaxy, and galactic supercluster.

And each of these 5 SCALER, spinning, standing wave entities are producing 5 entirely different spacetime realms at 5 entirely different frequencies.

Since the electron is the only one of these entities that has the same EXACT spin frequency, then this gives us even more than these basic 5 spacetime realms.

Even so, the spacetime created in each is determined via only ONE RULE.

A repulsive force of spacetime exists between entities spinning the same frequency, but out-of-phase with each other, and an opposite attractive force of a reduction of this same spacetime exists between entities spinning the same frequency, but in-phase with each other.

Only the attractive in-phase forces can be easily seen as quanta. The opposite repulsive, spacetime building forces can not easily be quantified, yet spacetime is indeed built from these many individual repulsive forces produced by all these various spinning entities.

It wasn't until I saw exactly WHY we see spacetime as two different things — space and time — that I was able to write the final WIMPs paper on May 9, 2019.

The following explanation of our entire micro-macro universe is simple and beautiful, just as John A. Wheeler predicted.

It explains far more than modern physics explains.

Quantum entanglement is really two electrons with their closest sides in-phase. But electrons have two sides: therefore this enables "superposition", thus better explaining quantum theory.

Faster spinning quarks can also have in-phase, attractive, quantum entanglement: this explains the quark strong force.

No out-of-phase, repulsive force, space (Einstein's Cosmological Constant) will ever be seen in a quantum form.

This is a frequency universe all throughout, and all these spinning things are simply SCALAR, spinning, standing waves; NASA's Dr. Milo Wolff proved the electron was a SCALAR, spinning, standing wave: this allows Einstein's unification.

For decades, I've explained exactly WHY the field concept gave Einstein problems.

The following will take about 9 minutes to read. It will show you why Einstein warned us about modern physics in 1954, saying, "I consider it quite possible that physics cannot be based on the field concept, i.e., on continuous structures. In that case, nothing remains of my entire castle in the air, gravitation theory included, [and of] the rest of modern physics."
. .
Albert Einstein

May 9, 2019 - WIMPs

Modern physics fails to get to the bottom of things.

The truth is this.

A SIMPLE PHASE model explains
this entire micro-macro universe,
including Dark Matter & Everything.

Even though modern physics got us to the moon, it will completely fail mankind, as our sun grows to be a red giant and Earth becomes completely dry like Mars.

Before that happens, humans must escape from Earth to relocate on distant worlds, while traveling through the perils of a massive attraction of invisible Dark Matter, which is at least 4 times and perhaps even ten times the mass of gravitational mass.

Mathematician, Stephen Wolfram, PROVED exactly what was wrong with modern physics that failed to explain Dark Matter.

Wolfram saw that scientists thought they could use math BEFORE they found the correct physics model for our ENTIRE universe — that crystal clear evidence shows is built ENTIRELY from spinning, precessing, SCALAR entities — in both microcosm & macrocosm.

Here's Wolfram's best selling book in e-book form free: Wolfram's "A New Kind of Science", PROVING all the math in the world is useless unless it is used AFTER the correct physics model is discovered.

The main theme of Wolfram's book is that a simple, correct physics model can explain our complicated universe.

While this proves Dutch theoretical physicist Erik P. Verlinde wrong about Dark Matter, it also proves he's right, in that "Gravity is the quantum entanglement of tiny bits of quantum energy".

But edging into physics, we see that an attractive gravity type force is the very opposite of an entropic force such as spacetime that, Einstein's Cosmological Constant shows us, is a repulsive type force.

Both spin and spin precession is in the microcosm, so quarks and electrons must have actual spin: modern physics denies this calling it FAKE SPIN (isospin).

This prevents us from unifying micro & macro forces.

Because every scientist must then ask why our well established, alternating current PHASE laws also exactly explain all the attractive & repulsive forces caused by all these spinning entities in both microcosm & macrocosm!

Modern physics only shows the two (2) SCALAR, spinning entities (quarks & electrons) in the microcosm causing force. It does NOT show the three (3) SCALAR, spinning entities (stars, galaxies & super-clusters) in the macrocosm causing force.

It should. This is where modern physics fails.

This is the KEY to MICRO-MACRO UNIFICATION, SCIENCE ADVANCEMENT and getting the invisible DARK MATTER answer.

In reality, fundamental, in-phase, attractive forces are being produced, between all these SCALAR, spinning entities in both microcosm and macrocosmand fundamental, out-of-phase, repulsive force spacetime is being produced, between all these same SCALAR, spinning entities in both microcosm and macrocosm.

It's not isospin in the microcosm: it's real spin!

Heisenberg's math NOW gives us a far different TRUE, SIMPLE, SPIN-PHASE PICTURE, of energy, that modern physics doesn't.

This unifies micro & macro worlds and greatly simplifies modern physics: it explains exactly the positioning of everything in both micro and macro universes, because, as Newton proved, all these attractive and repulsive forces will act as if they are at the centers of all of these SCALAR, spinning entities.

It also explains the well known, two (2), in-phase, attractive, resonant bindings, of same frequency spinsone size strong quantum, both electrons spinning same way, in-phase, on same spin axis alignment — or various size weaker quanta, opposite spinning electrons, with closest side sections in-phase (colors).

This SPIN-PHASE, in-phase, attractive, resonant bonding is not only in the microcosm but also in the macrocosm causing Dark Matter, invisible because of the ultra-low spin frequencies involved.

Thus: phase gets to the bottom of what's really going on: modern physicsderived from the beliefs of our ancient ancestors who didn't relate force to spin phase doesn't.

This is WHY modern physics is so silent about Dark Matter!

I also show WHY the speed of gravity is billions of times faster than the speed of light!

We must know WHYthose two above are facts — before we even attempt to obtain this Dark Matter answer.

REALITY is missing from modern physicsthat Einstein warned us about in 1954 if it gives no clue to the answer of what causes Dark Matter.

You get the answer only after you fully comprehend the importance of what these following five (5) people showed us.

!. NASA scientist Dr. Milo Wolff, who helped get us to the moon, and who proved the electron is a SCALAR entity — and so is the quark, stars, galaxies and super-clusters — and that only the spin and orbital motion of these causes a force.

Even super-clusters, after a great many millions of years, will gyroscopically precess into perfectly round SCALAR entities, which takes TIME: thus we find the early galaxies have LITTLE or NO Dark Matter.

Are you beginning to see what's going on?

2. André Ampère, who gave us Ampère's Law: which also shows us it's only electron motion causing force, but also shows us that that when this motion — on parallel paths — is in the same direction (in-phase), then we have attraction and when this motion — on parallel paths — is in an opposite direction (out-of-phase) we have a repulsion.

If we want the fundamental forces BETWEEN all these spinning things in both microcosm and macrocosm then PHASE is the only logical thing we should be looking for, isn't it?

3. Herman Minkowski, who gave us not only spacetime but also the vastly important spacetime interval, that is a constant, and unlike either space or time, does not vary with speed or mass.

4. Albert Einstein, who gave us his Cosmological Constant, which is a repulsive force, SPACE that exists BETWEEN all of Dr. Milo Wolff's spinning SCALAR entities.

5. Stephen Wolfram, who proved that while math explains mostly simple things, a simple model can explain a complicated universe.

And this simple model we have — as soon as we combine Ampère's out-of-phase, repulsive force, SPACE with Einstein's similar Cosmological Constant, seeing they are both exactly the same.

Modern Physics got us to the moon — where no Dark Matter was involved — but this invisible Dark Matter makes up MOST of the mass in this universe, necessitating a shift to Phase Symmetry as humans attempt travel to distant planets.

Welcome to the world of theoretical physics
& Phase Symmetry.

This paper shows, not only what causes Dark Matter, but how our universe fabricates our spacetime (our space and our time).

If you Google 'Einstein's Cosmological Constant', then it will simply say: it's a repulsive force type of space existing in our universe. But it's far more than that!

Einstein's Cosmological Constant is the repulsive force same type space existing between all five (5) of NASA scientist Dr. Milo Wolff's spinning, SCALAR entities.

Same type force between all 5 is important if you want to unify the forces like Einstein tried to do, and almost did.

In this paper, you will see how simple this universe is that uses phase: it does not use modern physics.

Understand that whenever you square a speed (c2), you get an acceleration, which is also a force (Einstein's Principle of Equivalence). So c2 gives Einstein's out-of-phase repulsive force space and the opposite C/c (c divided by c) gives Fitzpatrick's in-phase zero (0) space, attractive force.

Spins of quarks and electrons cause force and also give us other spacetime realms — so do the three (3) lower spin frequency, slower spins of STARS, GALAXIES & SUPER-CLUSTERS.

Add these three (3) lower spin frequencies & PHASE to modern physics because these cause Dark Matter.

Most scientists refer to a quantum of Dark Matter energy as a WIMP particle.

Both Ampère's Law and Fitzpatrick give the cause of Dark Matter attraction being the in-phase spin frequencies between STARS, between GALAXIES and between SUPER-CLUSTERS of galaxies.

Now, when we talk about space or time, we must specify which spin frequency spacetime realm we mean — QUARK, ELECTRON, STAR, GALAXY or SUPER-CLUSTER. Each of these fabricates its own spin frequency spacetime realm.

Several spacetime realms, that we now know about, are being created at five (5) different spin frequencies. This means Einstein's Cosmological Constant repulsive force, (out-of-phase) space is being produced at five (5) different spin frequencies along with Fitzpatrick's five (5) different attractive, (in-phase) gravitational type forces: this produces a SIMPLE unification that Einstein partially saw and Erik Verlinde seems to be partially describing.

Without this new knowledge, modern physics has become so dysfunctional that it cannot tell us what causes Dark Matter. Fixing that dysfunction is the challenge at hand. Change begins with understanding, and I wrote WIMPs to provide some.
(Click a WIMPs link below.)

WIMPs in html: - http://amperefitz.com/WIMPs.html

Also, WIMPs in Word: - http://amperefitz.com/WIMPs.doc

And WIMPs in Adobe pdf: - http://amperefitz.com/WIMPs.pdf

April 30 2019

343 years ago Roemer gave us a good, approximate SPEED OF LIGHT. He saw an anomaly of about fifteen minutes existed between the orbiting times of Jupiter's moons — shifting back and forth — when Earth was nearest and furthest from Jupiter. Roemer published the fact, in 1676, that light from the sun took half of this fifteen minute or so interval to get to our Earth.

Newton took this knowledge, and with his invention of calculus plus a tremendous amount of more effort, published in 1687, the phenomenal fact that the speed of gravitational attraction had to be instantaneous.

NASA — before the moon shot — re-checked and found the speed of gravity — was either Newton's instantly or at least 20 billion times the speed of light (2x1010c). Van Flandern

I have shown that the particle giving us Earth's gravity and inertia must be spinning at least 20 billion times (2x1010) faster than the electron. That particle is the quark, and strong force containment is nearly correct: it is 99.9999% right. It is the .0001% balance of quarks that are not contained that give us both gravity and inertia. http://amperefitz.com/scalar.cpyR.pdf

If you want to learn more, then read SCALAR, which gives us the SCALAR concept of NASA scientist Dr. Milo Wolff, who helped get us to the moon: quarks, electrons, planets, stars, galaxies and super clusters (of galaxies) are all Wolff's SCALAR resonances.

I crossed out two we don't see as SCALAR. We see galaxies as flat and frozen in time. We fail to see galaxies and super-clusters as spherical type SCALAR entities because the time-span of humans is far too short to witness the complete cycle of gyro precessing that will eventually turn galaxies and super-clusters into more spherical type SCALAR entities.

Most do not yet see that all of these SCALAR spinning entities essentially behave the same way in each of their own different spin frequency spacetime realms, but they do, and this is the big science revelation. It drastically changes and SIMPLIFIES modern physics!

SCALAR in htm: - http://rbduncan.com/scalar.htm

Also, SCALAR in Word: - http://rbduncan.com/scalar.doc

And SCALAR in Adobe pdf: - http://rbduncan.com/scalar.pdf

SCALAR, proves Einstein was right in his 1954 warning to us about field theory and modern physics when he said, "I consider it quite possible that physics cannot be based on the field concept, i.e., on continuous structures. In that case, nothing remains of my entire castle in the air, gravitation theory included, [and of] the rest of modern physics."

You will see Wolff's SCALAR concept is the very antithesis of spacetime, giving us a simplification of our entire universe that today's science can't.

made quite a bit

E SPIN PRECESSION in htm: http://amperefitz.com/espinp.htm

Also, E SPIN Pr. in Word: - http://amperefitz.com/espinp.doc

And E SPIN Pr. in Adobe pdf: http://amperefitz.com/espinp.pdf

January/28/2019 a few TRUE science CONCEPTS
NEVER die.

concepts in htm: - http://amperefitz.com/concepts.htm

Also, concepts in Word: - http://amperefitz.com/concepts.doc

And concepts in Adobe pdf: - http://amperefitz.com/concepts.pdf

Forces in the electrical world are derived from PHASE.

And now we know

ALL Fundamental Forces are derived from PHASE between spin frequencies in both microcosm and macrocosm: this, essentially, is Ampère's Law.

simple. Dec. 23, 2018

Fundamental Forces in htm: - http://amperefitz.com/simple.htm

Also, Fundamental Forces in Word: - http://amperefitz.com/simple.doc

And Fundamental Forces in Adobe pdf: - http://amperefitz.com/simple.pdf

Fitzpatrick's 1966 book showed the relative motion laws of A. Ampère unified the forces.
Fitzpatrick's first book in 1966

Fitzpatrick's 1966 book in PDF

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How FIELD THEORIES obsure & HIDE all fundamental attractive & repulsive FORCES: October-29-2018

How FIELD THEORIES obsure & HIDE all fundamental attractive & repulsive FORCES: Oct-29-2018 in Adobe pdf

How FIELD THEORIES obsure & HIDE all fundamental attractive & repulsive FORCES: Oct-29-2018 in Word

3 Changes coming: October-3-2018

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Britannica-Mistake: 6-12-2018

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Spacetime simplified: 5-25-2018

Spacetime simplified: 5-25-2018 in Adobe pdf

Spacetime simplified: 5-25-2018 in Word

Michael Crichton's most important revelation is not in his *Andromeda Strain* or *Jurassic Park* but in his book *Disclosure*: 4-11-2018

Michael Crichton's most important revelation in Adobe pdf: 4-11-2018

Michael Crichton's most important revelation in Word: 4-11-2018

Squaring a speed?

c.squared.html 11-25-2017

c.squared.pdf 11-25-2017 (Adobe)

c.squared.doc 11-25-2017 (Word)

1/3 shorter EXPANDING UNIVERSE11-23-2017 PROOF If universe is expanding, then why isn't Inertia decreasing because Inertia is a connection to ALL the surrounding stars in.htm

1/3 shorter EXPANDING UNIVERSE11-23-2017 PROOF If universe is expanding, then why isn't Inertia decreasing because Inertia is a connection to ALL the surrounding stars in.pdf (Adobe)

1/3 shorterEXPANDING UNIVERSE11-23-2017 PROOFIf universe is expanding, then why isn't Inertia decreasing because Inertia is a connection to ALL the surrounding stars in.doc (Word)

EXPANDING UNIVERSE11-20-2017 PROOF If universe is expanding, then Inertia will be decreasing because Inertia is a connection to ALL the surrounding stars in.htm

EXPANDING UNIVERSE11-20-2017 PROOF If universe is expanding, then Inertia will be decreasing because Inertia is a connection to ALL the surrounding stars in.pdf (Adobe)

EXPANDING UNIVERSE11-20-2017 PROOF If universe is expanding, then Inertia will be decreasing because Inertia is a connection to ALL the surrounding stars in.doc (Word)

7-7-2017 Unlike Gravity, DARK MATTER bends light differently: in.htmDark Matter in.pdfDark Matter in.doc

Quantum Theory now complete (Einstein's prediction) 1/30/2017 (html)

a bit of light on "Everything".1/30/2017 (html)

Spinning, Standing Waves 1/24/2017 (html)

Top Science Rule in our Universe (html)

Top Science Rule in our Universe (Word)

Top Science Rule in our Universe (pdf)

Einstein's Cosmological Constant repulsive force

a phase universe

Schrödinger's Universe


Much longer Web Page that was previously here

Did AMPERE discover what EINSTEIN couldn't? Universities Asleep at the Switch

Page 1. of 3 pages.

Einstein's Most Important Discovery

. . . . shows why . . . .

This appears to be a Dystopian Universe


Einstein's most important discovery was not E=mc2 or relativity. It was what he discovered even later!

In 1954, about a year before he died, Einstein wrote, "I consider it quite possible that physics cannot be based on the field concept, i.e., on continuous structures. In that case, nothing remains of my entire castle in the air, gravitation theory included, [and of] the rest of modern physics."

Einstein, back then, was telling us that this whole concept of fields, while being of immense importance if held within strict and narrow parameters, was probably absolutely worthless when trying to figure out this entire universe.

What is so amazing is that almost no one listened to what Einstein said back then in 1954.

Scientists are still using the field concept today to try to figure out what really is going on in this universe of ours over 50 years after Einstein emphatically told them it most probably cannot be done.

As Einstein discovered when we use field concepts, we cannot see our universe as a simple utopian universe. We see it instead as a universe we cannot understand. We see it as a Dystopian Universe.

Not only have scientists wasted their time with the field concept - seeking to unify these invisible fields - but they have spent hundreds of millions, perhaps even billions, of dollars doing so.

What is crystal clear now, in this day and age, is that both space and these invisible forces come about because of the spin frequencies of these Spinning, Scalar, Standing Wave, Resonances that nature uses as building blocks to build our entire universe.

These SSSWRs were discovered, and mathematically proven, by
Dr. Milo Wolff .

This can be seen clearly not by the field concept but by using SSSWRs and the Relative Motion Laws Ampere gave us in the early 1800s.
Ampere's Laws - that apply only to SSSWRs

My estimate is that only a few thousand people on earth see this today.

And I would say that the people who know exactly why Ampere's Laws work so well for these SSSWRs are even fewer in number.

And something else that is very important that these Universities have entirely missed:

Einstein put words to something Newton understood: It's called The principle of equivalence. It means you cannot discern gravity from an acceleration.

In other words: if you are weightless in a spaceship far from earth and that spaceship begins to accelerate at a speed of 32 feet per second, per second then you would not be able to discern this acceleration force from the force of gravity.

But for us back here on earth, is this acceleration really here?

The answer is no. The gravitational force we feel is here but the acceleration itself is not really here but we do discern this force itself as an acceleration.

Well, then what about this newly discovered acceleration that Saul Perlmutter's group recently discovered.

Saul Perlmutter, himself, stated that we now have Einstein's cosmological constant operating in this universe.

But few listened to that statement just as few listened to Einstein's statement in 1954.

Einstein, himself, said his cosmological constant was a force equal but opposite to gravity holding all the stars and galaxies apart.

So if there is no actual acceleration via the force of gravity then how can there be any actual acceleration with gravity's equal and opposite force (cosmological constant)?

If the Newton-Einstein principle of equivalence is valid for one (gravity), then it must also be valid for the other (cosmological constant).

Therefore what this essentially means, boys and girls, is that we must have no actual accelerating, expanding universe but we must really be in a steady state universe exactly as that well known British astronomer Fred Hoyle claimed we had, all of his entire life.

As the principle of equivalence states: we can discern the acceleration but it is not really there.

It's the force itself that we are discerning (cosmological constant) and this actual equal and opposite force to gravity we most definitely can discern as the acceleration that Perlmutter's group discovered.

Even at the time I'm writing this, Phase Symmetry, that clearly shows you exactly what space-time is frequency-wise, still fails to show us exactly why we see space and time as individual components. Now a correction to that previously written sentence: The answer has to be IMPEDANCE MATCHING; which here is just as important as in radio circuitry only here the better we are impedanced matched then the more we see space-time as time and not as space. (I didn't see this until 7-11-2016 so even well past 83, I am still learning.)

Phase Symmetry gives us the utterly simple answer that Stephen Hawking says exists. It gives us the unification that Einstein told us exists. If you fail to see Phase Symmetry then you fail to see this simple rule that this entire universe follows. It unifies because quarks, electrons, stars and galaxies obey the same phase rule.

You can peruse all about this at: (Click links.) http://www.rbduncan.com/

and/or by reading this FREE e-book Universities Asleep at the Switch

Quarks are some of the smallest phenomena from which our universe is built. Galaxies are some of the largest. Can the spins of the stars and spins of the tiniest parts of atomic structures all be governed by one set of rules? A Laws. Planck, Newton, Einstein, Bohr and present day quantum physicists have struggled with this question for decades. But mysteries surrounding light, gravity, magnetism and sub-atomic structures remain. Individual theories explain each, but no single theory has yet been able to explain them all. By scrutinizing existing theory and discovering what physicists have missed, Daniel P. Fitzpatrick Jr. gives you the answers to what really makes our universe tick — and what it means to human beings in the middle of it all.

Stephen Wolfram in his best selling book "A New Kind of Science" says:

"In the future of physics the greatest triumph would undoubtedly be to find a truly fundamental theory for our whole universe.

. . . I will show that even remarkably simple programs seem to capture the essential mechanisms responsible for all sorts of important phenomena that in the past have always seemed far too complex to allow any simple explanation.

. . . But to find the ultimate rule will be a major triumph for science, and a clear demonstration that at least in some direction, human thought has reached the edge of what is possible."

This book proves the above words of Stephen Wolfram to be true. And this book gives you a simple model with a few simple rules whereby you can understand exactly how this entire universe functions.

A good percentage of the stars are binary stars

Astronomers had better look at this following amazing prediction:

Fitzpatrick's hypothesis predicts that all binary stars, of the same mass will be spinning with opposite spins from each other. They will be spinning, spin up—spin down, like two electrons on the same orbital where their closest sides are moving in the same direction (like gears meshing and not clashing). All the other non-binary stars will be spinning more retrograde with their nearest neighbor, where their closest sides are going more in opposite directions with their nearest neighbor (like gears clashing). None of the other stars will be spinning prograde with their nearest neighbor like the binary stars.

Unlike present science, that doesn't even give you a clue to why everything is spinning, this "brand new kind of science" shows you why things spin the way they do.

It also proves string theory's added dimensions are correct.

And it shows you WHY the tensor math of general relativity works.

This book points out several predominant myths believed in by scientists today. The book shows that once these are disposed of then the fundamental invisible forces will be clearly seen as one force and science can finally advance at lightning fast speeds.

The reader will see how recent discoveries by Dr. Milo Wolff and Saul Perlmutter, combined with this brand new kind of science, will produce a veritable Renaissance — a science reawakening.

Thank you for visiting this site.

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The cause of DARK MATTER:


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SEE, — HOW the complexities of
FIELD THEORIES HID from us, the fact that relative motion (phase) between all these spinning entities, in the micro & macro universe, gives us all the attractive and repulsive Fundamental Forces.
Field Theories in html: http://rbduncan.com/fieldtheory.html

Also, Field Theories in Word: http://rbduncan.com/fieldtheory.doc

& Field Theories in Adobe pdf: http://rbduncan.com/fieldtheory.pdf

Fitzpatrick's 1966 book showed the relative motion laws of A. Ampère unified the forces.
Fitz's first book in 1966

Fitz's 1966 book in PDF

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Over 4 Decades of Daniel P. Fitzpatrick Jr's Books, Papers & Thoughts

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Why NASA tells us we have 72% Dark Energy, 23% Dark Matter and 4.6% Atoms.

Shades of Einstein & Hoyle.

Bose - Einstein Condensate

Cahill's Quantum Foam Theory

Click this link to find why we have the Principle of Equivalence. . . Do you know why gravity acts like an acceleration?

Why the onion layered type spherical aspect of A. Garrett Lisi's model is so important.

Einstein's photon.

Click to read book FREE

This is a powerful, revolutionary, new book.

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latest science, click link below:
Schrödinger's Universe

This NEW

will have far more effect on people's minds, down through the ages, of how science is perceived than the effect, down through the ages, that both Jesus and Mohammed had on people's minds in how religion was perceived.

A physics Renaissance begins now with this book.

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latest science, click link below:
Schrödinger's Universe

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Schrödinger's Universe

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It begins here

Here are a few problems

It's not that complicated

It's a simple resonance universe.

Space and time are both merely phase differences between the entities.

Fulbright Scholar Dr. Milo Wolff answers some Scalar Wave questions put to him by Daniel Fitzpatrick

Fitzpatrick answers some Wave questions.

A short excerpt from Feynman's famous QED.

Vector-Scalar relationship

Not space, not time but spacetime

Aufbau Laws

Fitzpatrick's First Book

Our universe is a quantum computer

Fitzpatrick's comment on mathematical physicist A. Bermanseder's "Breakthrough".


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